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Amateur Vs pro

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Age is a number and it matters. I'm 30 years old and for the first 8 years of my sexual life I was a Dom. Hard hitting and not that merciful for my at the time gf. She loved it.

However, as time has gone on I find myself craving the pain I used to inflict, and then some. I find myself looking for that one girl who has that perfect smile as she delivers her sweet pain. After 6 years of meeting various hard hitting girls I find the amateurs always accidentally hit harder and go that little bit more over the top. Professional Mistresses are amazing and I've been through hell in the sweetest way. 

i think there is a new breed of young hard hitting amateur Mistresses who crave to deliver pain and fetish to older guys like myself. Never a bad things. 


whats your experience? I know they won't all be like mine? Amateur or pro?



I can't speak for much experience, but I used to have a girlfriend who I used to let slap me when she was upset as it cheered her up. Then I'd tell her to slap me harder and harder until I my cheek was bright red. She'd be in a better mood and I'd barely felt it because I have quite high tolerance for pain.

When it comes to whips and riding crops, etc. I wouldn't want to feel the full force of that!


I don't like the kinda notion of amatuer vs pro - because you can have very experienced ladies who are not pro - and while there are many amazing brilliant ladies who work professionally, there's also a lot who are new, irresponsible or idiots.

It's definitely a "do your home work" kind of thing - for sure.

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