domme females use me
always so horny if not sex then im home doing myself or fifi love to get nasty real time online and anytime so lets talk i send pics cam video call video or in person if your mature busty im melting..
Kinky Dating18 to 75 years USA, Lancaster 53 minutes ago
Calling all panty sniffers
I want to sell my thongs and panties for all you kinky bitches to sniff and enjoy when you get off. Something about it turns me on, I guess I enjoy the thrill. Message me on here for some more details xoxo
Kinky DatingUK, Preston 2 weeks ago
Pervert for call?
ANY PERVERTS WANT TO CALL VIA SC? bshdhdbdhbdhdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdhdvebdjhdbeksjskuf jtd itsjtshfbdndnjdkdkdnhsjdbsbsnshsgsjsjshdhdjhddhhdndhdhdhddhshejdjdndjdjdjdjddhdhdhdhdhdhdjdhejshshshshshshshhs
Kinky Dating18 to 60 years ● 100km around UK, West Dunbartonshire 3 weeks ago
Hi I m 28 living in Manchester
Looking for new kinky friends to go out or calling on skype.... I m submissive would be nice to find Dominant woman :) Pls feel free message me I m opend mind I like experiments I m single guy looking for relationship or date
Kinky Dating18 to 100 years ● 5km around UK, Manchester one month ago
Cuckold wanted
Hello you may call me mistress, I am looking for someone to cuckold my slave husband with. I want someone that will be submissive to me but a dom to him. I would love to see someone fuck him in the ass and punish him with me.
Kinky Dating18 to 99 years ● 5km around USA, Beverly 2 months ago
Dom looking for bratty sub
Hi my name is Graeme but you can call me sir or master looking for a bratty sub who likes being taught a good lesson , I've been on the scene for 6 years I've got some experience hope to hear from u.
Kinky Dating18 to 40 years ● 10km around UK, Glasgow 2 months ago
desperately seeking slave
Hi it's Pablo. I have an empty cage in my bedroom. Its called "The Nickerless Cage" (I hate nicolas cage so dont mèntion him. The other cage rule is no knickers.) I have a little experience with fetish, i have a very open mind, im looking for play dates and friends. I love to tease. Oh wont you darling please. Ive recently had my ultimate fetish experience. I got fucked with a strap on by my girlfriend, omg i miss it. We broke up. So i love t.s. porn, i had a friend who recently came out to me as trans gender. So i bare backed her cutie little àss. She came from her pussy. She came from her cock. With my jizz leaking from her ass, i ordered her not to wash. And send me a pic of the soiled nickers. She ket saying she wanted more. That no one had given hér a triple multiple orgasm before, clitoral, anal and 'mangasam '. She made me realise how there is a lot more behind the t.s. and evey one is different. She was what i called her a thoroughbred t.s. she was born with both cock and a clit and boobs. Anyways she hasn't visited me in Brum. People fall in love with me too easily, she said she would be up for 3some action. So don't hold back. (Push back) lol
Kinky Dating18 to 40 years ● 10km around UK, Birmingham 2 months ago
Im a subby who wants to give sum luvvy
Sorry for the title, I am looking for a real dominant, I am fun to go out with and I like a challenge roo, some call it bratty I call it interesting! Depends on your personality I love spanking, I love full control, I enjoy whips if controlled by the Dominant. I do hope I find someone who is fun, in all aspects
Kinky Dating50 to 53 years ● 10km around UK, Birmingham 3 months ago
Dom for sub
Looking for someone local to train and willing to be at beck and call mainly for daytime use and able to host. willing to experiment with new kinks and maybe threesome fun with the right person...................................................................
Kinky Dating18 to 60 years ● 25km around UK, Southampton 4 months ago
sub sissy slut
i love to be controlled miss I'll be ur bitch I'll do anything u say anything at all. i like to be called name's and degraded i like to be feminised and forced to wear girls underwear etc. I'll try anything once
Kinky Dating75km around UK, Donnington 4 months ago
Something Wicked This Way Comes.
I am Caradoc Sinistre, one facet of a patchwork soul, that fragmented individual called C. I am his dark side, the voice in darkness that caresses your mind, the hand tightening around your throat and the cold metal sliding over your skin. I am the wicked part. The vampiric creature of darkness that lurks in the shadowy corners of the mind and gets hungry. I smile at other’s pain and outright laugh when that pain is caused by me. The noises made when being spanked just right are ALMOST as delicious to me as those made when teased just right and I like to draw both out as long as I can manage to restrain myself. Teasing and tormenting is my favourite form of foreplay.... I am not a patient man however and there’s only so long I can draw it out. We're here for a good time, not a long time, after all. For clarity, I am a Dom/Sadist/Top. I like to hurt and fuck pretty girls who like being hurt while being fucked. I am no sub or bottom so please don't ask. I'm looking for someone with a similarly dark outlook but who loves to have a good time being bad. Someone who doesn’t take life too seriously but can still hold a deep and meaningful conversation about the meaning of life, the nature of existence or the price of cheese depending on the mood at the time. Open mindedness, personality, attitude and sense of humour count for a lot more than looks to me and I'd be looking for someone who thinks the same way. Someone who doesn’t follow the well trodden path. Also, someone in Scotland would be helpful as it’s where I am, anyone’s welcome to chat but someone from the same kinda locale would be preferable. A gloriously decadent gentleman of dark passions. I would like to meet you, I await you with an anticipatory smile.
Kinky Dating18 to 40 years ● 100km around UK, Hamilton one month ago
Looking for a mistress to try and hit it off with
Hello, I'm just a dude in a small town called Stafford who is looking for a mistress. I'm open to necking down some drinks and talking about random stuff. If you're interested and want to know more then just hit me up in the messages and I'll get to you as soon as I can. Thank you for your time and have a fantastic day.
Kinky Dating18 to 25 years ● 25km around UK, Acton Gate 5 months ago
My master princess
I have a master princess, I upset her one day, oh why a huge mistake!!! She went and rented a hotel room and made me stay the night... As she called 5 gentleman,(rough) to go in there and held me down as each one of them held me down they took turns fucking my mouth and making me suck all of there cum. OH wow, I hated it then, but what a non fiction fantasie. Sub
Kinky Dating49 to 75 years ● 100km around USA, Dallas 6 months ago
Hiyas I'm Paris I'm a submissive slut luv being used abused called names humiliation etc I love being Slapped about Choked Face fucked Spat on Called names Swallowing cum Bukkake Please get in contact with me mwah
Kinky Dating40 to 70 years ● 500km around UK, Gloucester 6 months ago
I Have Mommy Issues
I would love for a mommy figure, a real milf that i can call mommy and roleplay with. I am really open to the idea of being used as it would turn me on more and especially being teased too. I love my kink and im very open too.
Kinky Dating25 to 55 years ● 25km around UK, Birmingham 6 months ago
Dream Dominatrix
Call me Miss, or Queen. ??? Do not refer to me as Mistress unless you have earned it. ❌❌❌ If your a freak for foot worship I have the prefect feet for you to begin your service. I am not interested in dominant men.
Kinky Dating21 to 50 years ● 50km around UK, St Albans 6 months ago
Smoking fetish?
29 m in UK looking for someone preferably under 30 to explore my smoking fetish with. Looking for men, women, trans or couples to meet/ video call and explore this fetish with me. New or experienced smokers.
Kinky Dating19 to 30 years ● 50km around UK, Liverpool 7 months ago
dirty play
shy at first but fun,most call me a hippie im very oral,would love a dirty dom or daddy for long watersports and more,dirtier is firm strict direction,and will do anything to please my dom..just please be very dirty and creative about it
Kinky Dating20 to 50 years ● 25km around USA, Utica 7 months ago

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