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  • Hi! I'm interested in starting a small business making and selling fetih clothing and gear, due to my skills I'm mostly thinking things that can be sewn or made (for example bondage gear like bal ...
  • Hello fellow kinksters! My name is Rob and I am looking to open a Kink BnB in the heart of London. Before I can do that I would like to conduct some market research into the potentia ...
  • Hi guys, Looking for recommendations for fun and lively markets to go to, so far on our list are Birmingham, Brighton and LAM, went to our first market today and it was quite a let down, hardly ...
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    A pet is a submissive who enjoys taking on aspects of a domesticated animal. Pets enjoy the freedom of being animal-like. They leave all adult responsibility behind to play like their chosen pet. There are many different levels of pet play. Some pets enjoy dressing up with masks and gloves so that the pet can’t speak or use their hands as humans would. Other’s just like to act like pets without any particular specialist gear. There can be a sexual element to pet play but quite often it is just simply about play and the power dynamic between the Owner and their dearly beloved pet.
    An owner enjoys pet play but not by becoming pet-like at all. They are the responsible person who looks after the person playing as a cat, dog, pony or other animal. They are Dominant personalities with a kind, caring side. They take over complete control during pet play. Just as any owner would do with a pet. Owners pair up with pets. They may only ever pick one type of pet, being a dog person or a cat person for example, or they might like the variety of owning different pets. They will perform tasks such as grooming, feeding and putting down water for their pets. They may lock their pet in a cage if it’s appropriate. Dog and Cat Pet play owners will do lots of play and grooming activities with their pets. There may be elements of training, rewarding positive behaviour and punishing bad. An owner may choose to lead their pet around on a lead or have a special collar for them that looks just like that of an animal pet. Pony owners might not focus so much on play. Pony play can come in different forms but will include training the pony to do specific tricks and/or having them pull a carriage of some sort or carry a person on their back. Owners take pride in looking after and showing off their pets. They may own one or more. There is a strong bond between an owner and their pet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a monogamous relationship. There can be a sexual element in an owner and pet’s play but often it is all about the dynamic between the pet and the owner. Owners enjoy taking on the responsibilities so that the pet can lose all human inhibitions and completely become a pet for a period of time.