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  • What guys love wearing stockings and women’s underwear, only just tried this and love it. ...
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  • My husband & I just got into BDSM and are very new to this world. I just wanted to see if their were any other committed or married couples out there. We only play with each other but I'm interest ...
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  • I have a fantasy of being a bi curious guy making friends with a hunky straight guy who knows i wanna experiment with him and getting a thrill out of it. Asking me to send him pics and start talking a ...
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  • Think you’ve visited them all? Well guess what - there’s more! Here’s a list of the best, but not so well known, swingers clubs around the country and what it’s like to step inside their kinky doors.. ...
  • How to Make Long-Distance BDSM Work

    You've met the perfect person - the Dominant to your submissive. But they live in another time zone, across the country, or on another continent. We take a look at how you can make long-distance BDSM ...
  • The Problem With Sexual Orientation Labels

    Are 'kink' and 'poly' sexual orientation labels? Abi Brown looks at the way we define ourselves and our relationships. Everyone has a gender orientation of some sort. It's about how they defin ...
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    I need someone to offer to cane me, preferably male and heterosexual and with no particular sexual kick out of it, although it doesn't matter parti...

    Kinky Dating18 to 80 years ● 5km around UK, Littlehampton

    Michigan - Seeking a woman who enjoys wearing Pantyhose or Stockings for fun and excitement - for dating relationship.

    I am a heterosexual male ...

    Kinky Dating37 to 54 years ● 75km around USA, Northville Township

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