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Gender Woman
Age 19
Status Not single
Height 160cm
Orientation Straight
Ethnicity African
Zodiac sign Gemini

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  • Friends
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"You see, it is in the nature of men to worship a Goddess and to bring her valuable offerings, and it is in the nature of a Goddess to accept their worship and their offerings. The men are not being lecherous. The Goddess is neither greedy or promiscuous. They are merely acting out roles that were ordained at the beginning of our time..."

Read well and understand subs and slaves. Therefore if you are not interested or prepared in worshiping your Goddess emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially... do not contact me.

I am the divine Ebony BBW Findomme Goddess-- Goddess Nyxx.

It's time you realize and accept your place in serving a superior Ebony Goddess. And as your Goddess, I'm owed your reparations just as you're born to serve me.

You're to serve and carry out my wishes with eagerness as if they were your own. My will and delight are the only things that fill your mind.

Get on your knees and present me your mind, body, soul… everything you are and own for my taking and moulding.

Yours truly,
Goddess Nyxx

My website:

P.s. - If you don't like femdom or financial domination (findom) then avert your eyes. If you don't like or agree with me and what I do, keep it moving. If you are a dom that has a comment for me, I suggest you disappear. Believe it or not you actually DON'T need to input your opinions everywhere you go or to every person. (Shocker, I know) :confused: Let's not be ignorant and be respectful to each other.

Au Reviour.

My roles & archetype gives you…

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