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Looking for a bit of DIY input or advice on a suspension rack for rigging


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Maybe you guys can give me some input here. I’m thinking to essentially build a 6 ft square frame with untreated, stained vertical 4x4’s on all 4 corners about 7 ft tall, with 2x6’s at the top holding it together and two 2x6 cross beams in the middle about 2-3 feet apart for standing bondage and eventual suspension. This will be in the corner, so on the two sides that have a wall, I’m running 2x4s at the floor connecting it together just to firm it up some and offer additional restraint points. The other two sides are open to the room and I don’t want the floor blocked so that no tripping or broken toes occur. Think this will work out? Any reasons not to do it this way? I think it will overall be heavy enough, with a wide enough footprint to not be unstable, but it’s hard to say for sure until I have it together. Considered trying to make one out of threaded pipe and various fittings, but I’d have to use what’s available at Lowe’s because I won’t really have a way to cut it.

any input and advice will be greatly appreciated. Just about finished with my first DIY piece, a spanking horse. It’s looking great! 


From what ive built with roll cages for the cars and the like youd be looking to build some triangulation or build it with decent joints mortis and tennan with a dowel/pin throug and not just rely on screws. Youd also want to take rhe time to sand it down as to avoid splinters. Id srongly look into dip bars and gym equipment for an optional padded area as they tend to be bult with durability and ease to clean... you know for those longer thought out lessons .

Either wich way make sure you over engineer it so that it dosnt beeak on you or a partner.

If i was near id give you a hand.

Ps dont use lowes threaded bars from the plumbing department. Youll have a godd awfull time putting it together.. trust mee been there for other projects.

On 2/15/2020 at 4:04 PM, Crossover said:

Spanking horse pictures!!

I was about to, but can’t figure out how lol

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ok, Ive seen some home built suspension frame horrors, and will give you the advice I gave them.

if you seek out the professional stage lighting companies online they have a product called triple trussing, these trusses are capable of holding 250 to 300 kg and have an array of 90deg bends, wall fixing plates, and heavy floor plates. they are a bolt together system so do not need to be perminatly installed.

suspension points need to be fully accessible from all sides for them to be safe to use. placing a suspension point in the corner of a room precludes adequate access from 3 sides. when thing go wrong in suspension they go wrong very very quickly, full access to the subject being suspended is a must.

normally suspension is done with 2 riggers and the subject for safety, if rigging alone think of the subject and provide some sort of soft mattress should you have to cut them down to prevent sudden drop injuries.


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