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Fetish Wear | What’s Your Fantasy Clothing?


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On 10/23/2021 at 5:31 AM, PolarSun said:

I have several fantasies:

1. full body skin tight black leather catsuit, with full pure leather lining, of course

2. black leather biker suit (again with full leather lining) and full face black helmet

3. as I have leather crossdressing fantasies  as well I want to try black leather lined leather dress combined with at least 6 inch black high heels (stilettos, no platform) or ballet ones, either pumps or boots. Lockable heels would be great especially if there was a woman that would hold the keys so I can’t remove the heels

4. full body black latex catsuit, either just on its own, or with latex underwear as well (inflatable butt plug briefs might be fun, although I am a straight man I like this fantasy)

5. biker-inspired full body tight latex suit, high heels and full face black helmet

Sounds crazy but why not ;-)

I love all of these ideas, very similar to my own fantasies

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My fetish is for fur coats the look and feel drives me wild

On 7/20/2018 at 10:37 AM, Longcollar said:

Mine is shirts and blouses with long pointy collars..... Would dearly love a 24/7 dressing up partner.... Xx

I'd love to be your dressing up partner. Anything with shiny 2-hole buttons or simply loads of buttons.

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My fantasy clothing is all about buttons. Smooth shiny round 2-hole buttons are the best. The more the wetter! (No, that's not a typo, it's a pun. I get aroused by a long dense row of buttons.)

My first wet dreams were about buttons. I also *** buttons, but I've largely overcome the ***.

My favourite shirt that I own is a dark one with thin bright mother of pearl buttons, the sort frequently present on women's clothes but very rarely on men's. My profile picture, which I found on the internet, shows this sort of buttons.

I have other shirts and I'd like to replace their ordinary 4-hole buttons with the sort I like. Also it would be nice to have a lot more buttons down the front, like 20 or so. Again, super rare on men's shirts, but not too uncommon on blouses.

I have a couple of henleys, but they only have 3 ordinary buttons, I'd like to have henleys with several buttons and/or with more exciting buttons.

I have jeans with button fly, but what I'd really like is exposed button fly, which is, yet again, found almost exclusively on ladies' jeans.

I also fancy ladies' clothes with buttons that are nice enough and/or numerous enough. To try them on or to see them worn.

Even with my clothes with ordinary buttons (like the henley pyjama top with 3 buttons in just wearing), I would secretly play with buttons and fantasize...

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Clarified a couple of paragraphs.

I love women wearing terrycloth sweatbands.  To see a woman wearing a sweatband on her forehead is such a turn on for me.  I fantasize about a woman wearing nothing but a sweatband on her forehead while she's working out.  After she's done she hands me her nice sweat soaked sweatband! 

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On 11/19/2021 at 1:20 AM, DJAndy said:

Full latex catsuit plus mask and boots. For me I want the shiny black to essentially be a ‘second skin’ that’s completely smooth and perfect.

Me too

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SATIN&SILK lingerie.. Is what really does it for me.. Need to find people with same interests.

i have a big fur coat fetish and would like to meet up with a lady to have some fun 😉😉

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I have an intense fetish with shiny nylon jackets! I love to sub for dominant females and be severely punished while zipped up in my favorite nylon jacket!

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I like the look & feel of skintight spandex on myself ( mainly cosplay zentai suits) & on women. I like almost every fork of spandex on women, whether be leggings, cycling skinsuits, catsuit, you name it. 


I'm ONLY into nylon jackets, pants, shorts, bikini briefs. As long as it's made of shiny, windbreaker type nylon


Anything schoolgirl! Most especially stockings, tights, heels/wedges, skirts and dresses.

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Hey all, very much Into down/ puffy clothing... in particular being collared

and gagged in thick puffy down jackets and suits... long shot but anyone out there?


I love women in thigh high  boots and chaps and zippered latex catsuit I’ve never worn any but I I were pnp and drinks I would wear it if my partner wanted me to 

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