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Submissives and Masters, Does your Master have multiple subs or just you?


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 My current Master and I entered into a committed relationship right from the beginning. However things appear to of changed.  All I asked for was complete honesty. Well it appears that He’s calling other girls and women and making plans to see them. The majority of them are not subs or slaves. I’m not sure what to do. Do I just pull back and not get so attached, live with it or start to look for a new Master.

So I want to know who out there has a Master or Dom that has multiple subs/slaves like two subs in a relationship or more even. Or are you in a committed relationship. Let me know which scenario your in and what you like about it. Especially those that are in a relationship where there’s multiple subs/slaves  or just other women. It’s something I’ve  never liked and  never been able to handle.  I’m OK bringing in someone else every now and then though.  But I would like to hear other perspectives on it. 

 I should also mention that my Master is new to the lifestyle. I don’t think he understands fully the  amount of trust and faith I as a slave need to put into him my Master or what it takes for me to do it and what it means to me.  I did try to explain it to him in the beginning but I don’t think I did a very good job. 


Hi there sexysubnneed, welcome to the forum. 

I'm sorry to hear you're having difficulties in your relationship. Submissives and Masters are all different in their relationships. But My view on your problem is that it isn't necessarily a D/s issue. I think it's a simple (and important) trust and communication issue that can occur in vanilla or kink relationships.  

Regardless of kink, it seems there's some kind of communication issue here.  You believe one thing and it looks like maybe your Master has a different view. 

I think a long, honest conversation is needed to see what is the best way for you to continue. 


We're all different. I am married but also poly. I have several relationships that have different elements of D/s.  A master having to submissives in a relationship can work, but it all depends on the dynamic. 


SexySubnneed, have a look at a similar topic thread in the forum titled "New submissive... advice please", you find responses from both submissives and masters /doms. 



I agree with VictoriaBlisse in that you need to discuss this, ideally that should have been discussed from the outset. D/s like Vanilla relationships comes in all shapes and forms. Some people are comfortable with an "open" relationship such as 2 submissives in a relationship with one master and others are not. One thing is that D/s is certainly not a carte-blanche to have multiple concurrent partners until both parties have agreed up front.


I have just ended things with my Dom, he too was new to a Dom/Sub dynamic. The communication was there, he just lied to me. Turns out he had been meeting with other women for vanilla sex throughout. Vanilla. Pffft. I truly thought I was giving him everything he needed. In hindsight, I don't think he understood what I needed from him to have that connection. It's early days so I'm still hurt and humiliated (not in the good way), but it's his loss. I know how you are feeling and would perhaps break away. Submissives and masters need really good communication. 


 See the thing is, we did discuss that right from the get go in fact I actually asked him to make the decision and he said that we would be hundred percent committed. Then he changed things without letting me know.  


It is clearly a case of your Dom not keeping his word I'm afraid. Would you really want to trust a man who can't keep his word with your submission? I think not. You deserve much better than to be treated this way. His breach of contract. I'm afraid you guys don't have a dynamic anymore. Best of luck for the future. Submissives and masters around here tend to be awesome. 


I agree with SirArtu. He has not kept his commitment to you and that is it. He might recognise it and try to patch things up,  but really, if this has been going on for a while then that train may have left the platform. You might be best of moving on instead of being hurt more.


Have to say I agree with SirArtu and Carnelia2 here. D/s relationship or vanilla, you have agreed to get into a monogamous and committed relationship with this manchild and he agreed to be faithful to you. He failed. He has cheated and maybe multiple times from what you tell us. That makes it pretty clear that:

1 - There is no trust left in your relationship

2 - All openness, honesty and communication have broken down and this is his fault and not yours.

3 - We know that he is not a true Dominant. A true Dominant male would never treat you or anyone in the way he has done. At best he is a pretender and at worst a deliberate con-artist who has manipulated you to get what he wants. Either way he does not deserve yours or anybody else's submission, trust, worship or devotion.

4 - Because he is cheating he is basically telling you, through his actions, that he not only does not respect you, but that he does not care about you or your feelings, at least not enough to respect you and stay faithful.

5 - Because he has cheated with others, he is also so full of selfishness and lack of care for you that he is putting you at risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Do you know that he was being safe with these other women, do you know that they were all clean and healthy ladies? You don't and thanks to his lies you now need to go and get yourself a sexual health check to make sure he has not passed on any nasty STD's thanks to his selfish and self serving behavior.

6 - There is little to no point in talking to this manchild (and that's what he is, a child who grew into a man body but is still selfish and cannot control his impulses like a child) as you already know that you cannot trust him to make  any promises from now on that he will keep true to his word on. In fact he may even turn around and play the "poor me", try to blame you or promise that from now on he will be faithful. Then start cheating on you all over again. Don't even give him that opportunity, he doesn't deserve it! People like this rarely ever change and seem to think there is nothing wrong with their behavior.

7 - At this point he has already decided and chosen to end your relationship by betraying your trust and respect by lying and cheating. You simply need to make it official now and tell him that it is over between you and it was he who ended it with his untrustworthy, lying, selfish and disrespectful behavior. Tell him that as a man and a Dominant he is a disappointment at best and a fraud at worst.


You need to cut your ties with this looser and cut them now so that you not only give yourself some time to heal the emotional damage that he has inflicted upon you, but also to give yourself the time, space and opportunity to meet a Dominant who deserves your submission and whom would never treat you in this way. Every moment you delay making this break from this unsuitable manchild is another moment you could have been using to find someone amazing who will rock your world.

I have no doubt you will find what you are looking for once you cut these ties ass the submissives and masters here are cool and I wish you all the best for the future and what it may hold for you. We are about to start a new year, so give yourself the opportunity to start afresh and make this year one to remember.



I am actually the dom or man/child as I have been called. She has failed to mention that we have known each other maybe a month, and I have never ONCE cheated on her. I had been divorced since last year and and had been, shall I say, wild for the last 6 months. This all happened with her and myself in a whirlwind and I admit I got caught up in it. I have never been in this type of a relationship before and didn't know what it truly meant. I haven't been making plans to see anyone else, although I am still in contact with a few of the women I had seen. I have advised her that I probably am not the right person for her, as she deserves someone with more experience in this. I really wish people were not so quick to judge without knowing all the facts. 



 Thank you everybody for your input. . However I think I’m going to try and talk to him and see if we can’t figure things out together. Like I said I do have strong feelings for him and since he’s new to this lifestyle I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt this once and see what he has to say.


Wishing you the best of luck in your search.  Submissives and masters need to communicate and that's if it's one or two submissives in a relationship or  any other make up. 


as one of those people who were quick to judge I was basing what I had posted on the information that the poster of this topic had presented and as such could not have known that you have not actually cheated on her when this was what the poster was insinuating.

However as VonHart has rightly (in my opinion) stated if you have talked previously before you got into a relationship with this woman and told her that you would get into a committed and exclusive relationship with her, then you have still broken this promise to her and betrayed that trust.

At the end of the day it sounds to me like you are not committed to your partner as you are are still keeping your options open with these other women (why keep in touch with them if you have no interest in them romantically or sexually and you already have a woman your supposed to be focused on 100%) and as such you should not have told her you would make a commitment to her in the first place. Unless you are willing to commit to her fully and leave these other women who you've dated/seen alone out of respect for your new relationship and partner and focus all your attention on her, then I don’t see much hope for you both staying together or moving forward.


I agree with your comments 110%

I understand if you're in this lifestyle, I get where the comments are coming from, as I was unaware of the commitment it takes to be in a relationship like this. Just the other night as an example we had finished a session, and I had completely forgotten about the aftercare. I was easily reminded when I saw the look on her face when I was about to leave, and it all hit me... For which I immediately apologized, and apologized again for last night. This is more than a relationship when it comes to a Dom / submissive. It's like riding a bike almost, I didn't learn to ride a bike in one day, I tried to... In the end though it will take me a lot longer time. Submissives and masters take time to connect. And I couldn't have two submissives in a relationship, it's taking enough to work with one!


Well I’m glad to hear that like many of the best Dom’s out there you have enough humility to admit your mistakes and aim to improve and learn not to make them again. It can often seem harsh when we comment in the forum on personal situations as we never 100% know what has gone on or what both parties have done to cause a given situation, but if you are both committed to each other and hoping to learn to form a better, stronger and lasting relationship then I do wish you both all the best in your journey as well as some happy holidays and festive fun.  


@DirtiestSeven- It sounds like your heart is in the right place. Best of luck and have a good holiday. All submissives and masters have rough patches. 


I think you guys could do with sitting down and having a serious chat about what you both want and more importantly can give. Submissives and masters don't always match up straight off. 

Treat this as not so successful training and start fresh. Make a commitment to each other and stick to it.

I would like to add that speaking to other people is not really an issue in my opinion, for either of you. That's as long as you make your situation very clear to the third parties so they know you are not available for anything other than friendship.

Everybody makes mistakes, we all learn by fucking up somewhere along the line. 

The important thing is to take a step back and really look at what you're doing and fix it if necessary. 

Vanilla or D/S, a relationship is a relationship buddy and especially as a Dom, you have a bigger responsibility towards the person you're with. A Sub will look up to you, will want to be awed and inspired by you. If you're being an opportunist, what sort of a Dom does that make you? More importantly, think about what sort of a Sub would submit to a cheating Dom. 

Remember, in reality, the Sub is the one with all the power. You can only go as far as your Sub allows you...

I wish you guys all the best and hope you can have a fresh start with a better outcome. 

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I’ve been in the exact situation when i used to like being a sub. If you’re both in a relationship, either it vanilla, master/slave or both, it seems as if he’s doing what’s my ex did and he’s cheating but will try to cover it up with it being part of his ‘dom role’... look for a new master, and partner. There's loads of excelllent submissives and masters out there, they can offer advice. And some people work with two submissives in a relationship or more but others still prefer monogamy. 


As a Dom the most important thing for me is to have the trust of my sub, this joker has no idea on what a Dom is or how to treat his sub. I have never felt the need to have more than one sub at a time my advice find a new master. Other sbbmissives and masters do it differently. 

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