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**CW - Watersports ** Down the Drain


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Hello, whoever is reading this. This is just a confession of my fetish, and honestly, I'd be surprised to find anyone else interested in it (though I'm not looking for anyone on this site right now). Hope you find it interesting at least :)


I don't know how it developed, but I've always had a strange fetish. Stuff like piss and scat is pretty fun to me - I enjoy *** a lot - but I prefer it to be way more extreme than that. I someday want a girl to degrade me until I can truly just be called a toy for her amusement. Being used like a toilet, as I said above, is only the beginning though - my real fetish... Well, I really want a dominant girl to someday ruin the things I own as a way of degrading me. I don't want her to just treat me like I'm a toilet, but I want her to show how worthless I am by using the things I hold precious to me for whatever she wants, since a human toilet shouldn't own things anyway. When I was really young, I got this stuffed *** I always called night-night. I still own it, and it's really precious to me. Wether I'd ever let this actually happen I'm not sure, but I can just imagine...

Doesn't matter what actually happened, but my dom got very upset with me yesterday. She told me today a big punishment was coming. It's mid-day now and I've been obediently waiting for whatever was coming. What I didn't expect was for her to pick up nigh-night and immediately start walking towards the bathroom, smug look on her face. As she sits on the toilet, night-night's head against her urethra, she tells me her plans. "You've made a mistake, toilet. I know you really care about this thing, but you need to be disciplined." She watches me beg her to have mercy as just a little bit of piss hits the top of night-night's head. "Hmm... I don't like this a lot. Let's get something straight." She gets up and starts peeing on my face while standing over me. I instinctively open my mouth to collect it, and she says, "What are you?"

"Your toilet," I respond immediately.

"Good. And do toilets get to own property?"


"Correct. The only thing a toilet gets is piss and shit. So do you know what that means?" She stops peeing and looks at me with a smug expression. I shake my head no, *** in my eyes, night-night in her hand. "The answer is everything you own is shit. And where does shit go?"

At this point I'm terrified, but afraid to not answer. "I-in the t-toilet."

"Not just in the toilet. Come on, you know the answer!" 

I gulp. "D-down the toilet." 

"Very good. Now tell me what to do with night-night."

I'm shaking, praying she decides to have mercy as she starts to pee all over night-night, turning him yellow. "P-p-put him i-in the t-t-t-toilet p-please." 

"Sure, since you asked so nicely~" She drops night-night in. "Get up and take a look." 

I stand up and look inside the toilet bowl. Night-night floats on the surface slightly. She puts her hand on the lever that flushes the toilet. "What should I do now, toilet?"

"F-F-F-flush i-it." I stammer, shaking, watching my childhood friend about to go down the drain.

"Beg me. Tell me how much you want me to flush your poor friend, your childhood, down the toilet so that you never see them again!"

"P-Please flush it! Please m-make it go d-down the drain!" I stammer with tears in my eyes. 

"Good toilet now then, it's time for night-night to go night-night!" She pushes down on the lever, and the stuffed *** swirls around in the water before being sucked in, never to be seen again. 


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