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Caught part 2


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I wake up, head pounding, lay on a single matress under a thin blanket in a cold room. The last thing I remember is being placed on a vibrating soft seat, the smell of petrol, exhaust and air freshener coming into the bag. This is quickly replaced by a sickly sweet smell as a wet cloth is held to my face, until my brain goes foggy and black.


My head is pounding and my mouth is dry as I take in my surroundings. I'm in the corner of a stone room, my thin blanket doing little to keep the chill at bay. I'm lay flat on my back, no longer bound though the collar and cuffs are still in place. My gag and blindfold have also been removed. I also have a new addition, a thick metal belt is locked around my waist, with a panel between my legs. I feel around it but there doesn't seem to be an obvious way to get it off.


Above me, just below where the wall meets the ceiling, is a barred window. At least, I assume it's a window from the dim light that comes through the grimy surface. It's impossible to tell what time of day it is. Directly across from my mattress is a heavy looking metal door. In the opposite corner is a wooden table and chair. Other than that, the room is bare except for a drain in the centre of the floor. The only light comes from the dirty window, leaving most of the room in shadow. I turn my head to the door as I hear a solid clunk, my heart racing as adrenaline spikes.


The door opens and, without even glancing in my direction, a tall shadowy figure carries a tray over towards the table. As soon as he steps clear of the door, I'm on my feet as I dart towards it...only to be ***d as I'm pulled short halfway across the room, landing hard on my back. I hear a chuckle as I gasp for breath, my hands trying to free the collar but finding a padlock and lightweight metal chain.


I look over, glaring as I see him watching me from where he's placed the tray on the table. Suddenly aware of my nakedness, I scurry back to the mattress and wrap myself in the blanket. He chuckles again as he pulls out the chair and sits down, relaxed. His tone is almost conversational as he opens a box, the smell of warm meat and vegetables filling the air and making my stomach growl. I don’t know how long I’d been ***, but judging from the pang of hunger that hit me it had likely been at least a day.


“You know, you really don’t need to be shy. I’ve already seen, and touched, every inch of your body…you must be hungry, why don’t you come and eat with me?” I shake my head, stubborn, and back into the corner as far away from him as I can get. My breath picks up as the reality of my situation starts to kick in, coming in short gasps as he shrugs and continues to talk calmly. “Suit yourself, you’ll have to have something eventually though. You now rely on me for everything. I advise you take what is offered when I offer it, because you may not get another opportunity for some time. This room is to be yours, until I can trust that you will do as you are told. There is no way out except for that door, which has more locked doors down the corridor. Oh, and you’ve already discovered that your collar is fixed to the wall. You will remain in some kind of bondage until I trust that you no longer wish to escape, you look skeptical but I promise if you behave you will find your time here to be quite enjoyable. Of course if you continue to resist me, I can also ensure it is a living nightmare. The decision is yours.” He pauses and looks at me as he takes a bite of his food, chewing slowly as he watches the effect his words have on me. “Finally…that belt you’re wearing. I have the key, so I will take it off if and when I choose. Only I can give you pleasure.” He pauses, picking up a small box from the tray and pushing buttons on it. I gasp as a strong vibrator springs to life inside the belt, positioned directly over my clit. My hands jump down to the belt, fingers trying to prise their way in as I try to resist the stimulation but with no success. He pushes more buttons, the buzzing intensifying before suddenly a phallic insertion seems to expand, somehow feeling as though it is thrusting inside me. I groan, pulling at the belt but unable to resist the effect the devices have on me as my hips start thrusting. He smirks as he watches me “as you can see, the belt is quite advanced…It also senses your body’s reactions, so I can fine tune the settings and perfectly control your orgasm, or take you up to the edge and stop” He pushes a final button and I involuntarily whine as all stimulation suddenly stops.


I finally find my voice, angry and humiliated. “You bastard, who the hell do you think you are?! How dare you…you’re not going to get away with this, you’re going to get caught! Let me go, you sick, twisted son of a b-” I’m cut off as he pushes another button and excruciating *** shoots through me from the belt, stealing my breath as I collapse onto my side with the intensity of it.

He frowns, his face darkening though a sadistic smile plays at the edges of his lips “I can also cause you a great deal of discomfort if you misbehave…or even just because it amuses me. So I suggest you watch your mouth, and try to stay on my good side. I will give you some time to yourself to think and come to terms with your situation, hopefully the next time I return you will be more receptive”. As he speaks, he places his empty box and another full one back on the tray. He leaves a bottle of water on the table and leaves through the door without glancing back, locking it behind him.


Love you love the story love the action you really turn me on ☺️


Let me know when your verified 😃

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