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Caught part 3


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I lay curled up on the mattress, blinking back tears for a few minutes before the *** subsides. Eventually I sit up, assessing the situation. I need to find a way out of here. I start with the chain on my collar, fastened with a heavy feeling padlock. Pulling it only hurts either my neck or my hands. I examine the links of the chain carefully, it’s lightweight but feels strong as I test the links. Following them to the wall, they’re fastened to a metal ring which is somehow set deep in the stone with another heavy looking padlock. I place a foot against the cold wall either side of the ring, gripping the chain in both hands and pulling as hard as I can. I lift myself up off the mattress with my efforts, but the metal doesn’t budge.

I stand, measuring the length of the chain as I walk carefully towards the door. I’m able to get just over halfway there. I squint to examine the door in the dim light. It looks as though it’s made of solid metal, with a square at eye level and one long thin one along the ground that could be hatches able to be opened from the other side. On the inside, the door is completely smooth with no handles or keyholes, explaining why he left it open when he came in earlier. Even if I were able to get to the door, I’d heard him lock it as he left. And even if that weren’t the case, the door is so smooth and fitted against the frame on this side it’s unlikely I’d be able to open it. I start to pace the room as the reality of the situation starts to hit me. The chain remains tense, forcing me to arc from one wall to the other. As I spin around, a metallic glimmer on the wall next to the door catches my eye. I walk back over as close to it as I can, and see a ring of keys hanging on the wall. The keys to my restraints? Hanging so close, yet out of reach. I begin to laugh, hysterical, though the laughter quickly turns to tears as I retreat back into the corner. Eventually, as the sobs die off, I drift into an unsettled sleep.

I wake with a start moments after I’d dropped off as a gentle shock hits me from the belt. I whimper as it starts to vibrate, feeling gentle thrusting inside me slowly intensifying. The device seems to play my body perfectly, distracting my frantic attempts to get it off or find a way to stop it. Despite my best efforts to resist, the belt soon has me writhing in pleasure, my hips bucking in time with the thrusting inside me. My pleasure builds up to the crescendo, only to be suddenly replaced with searing *** that makes me cry out and kills the orgasm which had been building. I blink back tears of *** and frustration, and groan as the buzzing starts up again. This carries on for what feels like hours, building up to orgasm only for the vibrations to die off or be replaced with electric shocks if I get too close. By the time it stops, my body is quivering and coated in a sheen of sweat. Whimpering with the intensity of my need for orgasm, I try desperately to find a way to slip a finger underneath the belt. Finally accepting that I won’t succeed, I lie and try to relax.

I lick my dry lips, suddenly realising how parched I am. Thinking back, I don’t remember the last time I had anything to eat or drink. I don’t know how long I was ***, but from the hunger pangs I’m now feeling it must have been a day. I regret not taking the food that was offered earlier, and wonder when the next chance to eat will be. Glancing over at the table, I suddenly remember the bottle of water my captor placed there before he left. I stand and eagerly walk over to it, only to find the table just an inch beyond my reach. Screaming in frustration, I pull on the chain, choking myself as I try to reach it without success as tears threaten again. I sit on the floor by the table, my head in my hands as I try to compose myself enough to think. I glance up at the table as an idea strikes. I lay on my back, scooting as close to the table as I can without choking myself on the chain. I can just see the top of the water bottle from my position, so I slowly lift my legs up and place a foot either side of it.

I grip the bottle with my feet just as an intense wave of vibrations starts again, making me jump and gasp as I feel the bottle slipping. It takes all of my attention to keep hold of the bottle, though I feel it slipping further from my grip when I try to lift it. I whimper, freezing as I try to think through the fog forming in my brain as the vibrations intensify. I try to drag the bottle towards me along the table and hear it fall onto the floor, though I’m too distracted by the belt now to see where it went. The belt goes through the same routine as last time, and I write on the floor as it brings me closer and closer to orgasm, only to stop and begin again. I whimper in frustration each time it stops. Finally as I lay on the floor panting to catch my breath and trying once more to find a way into this damned belt. I hear a chuckle from the doorway. My head s up to see him leaning against the doorframe watching me – how long had he been there?


Love this story and the writing charli3  your a living dream of a very  sexy and hot nature wish you were on my collar and chain

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