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Erotic Photography Advice?


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I wasn't sure is this was the right forum but here goes. I have recently been curious about erotic photography but am unsure how to go about it. Not to blow my own trumpet but I take pretty nice photos when it comes to landscapes and nature but have never done portraits before. In regards to models, I could take the photos of myself, or take them of my fiancé. 
So if anyone has any tips of any kind, I really would appreciate it. Thank you.


Give me a message, I have ideas and others
But at this moment I am entertaining.
But will always help


outside of covid times there were easier ways to get experience

some might still be available - but I don't see much advertised.

1) Hire a model. Explain the situation. Explain from out of this you are looking to get experience and would welcome any feedback and pointers.  As you pay for her time as well as being able to take photos you also get help in the expertise. 

2) A studio day.  This is usually where a model has a studio booked all day (or the studio booked the model) and photographers pay a share of the costs in order to go along and photo.  This is a lot cheaper than option 1 - but comes with less one on one time.   But as well as learning from her, you can see other photographers in action and may be able to get pointers from them.

3) TFP / Time For Prints.  This usually comes without costs (though, someone has to pay for the location) and usually in this case *both* photographer and model get access to the photos (in the above examples, only the photographer) this usually works best with someone on equal weighting so as a new (to the genre) photographer you would do TFP with models who were new-ish and looking to build a portfolio.  This saves them the cost of hiring a photographer and you the cost of hiring a model.   You're probably not going to quite get the expertise to learn from, but you are going to get practice and experience.

It's worth setting up on, and seeking listings on, PurplePort and/or AdultFolio.     PP might be easier, as you need examples of your work for AF. 


I do all my own photos and it will sometimes take 30 takes before I get the one that I like . Lighting, backdrop,  outfits, accessories all help. I do not by any means have the perfect body but I can overcome that with how I present. Just give it a go and see how you go. Good luck

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