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Trampling Fan, anyone Else?

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Love the feeling of pressure as I'm under the full weight of a women, sometimes in heels. 

Who else is into it?


fairly common.   It's something I enjoy from time to time.

Sometimes it really is a case of actually being under Her.


I'd let you walk on me charmaine. 

7 hours ago, Manny719 said:

I’m into throat trampling/standing/choking and maybe passout,trampling is a common thing in the foot fetish Community,anyone else tried this ?

I think - that a lot of people into trampling also have a foot fetish

but not a lot of people with a foot fetish are into trampling


Yes I'd have to agree I love the feeling off a women walking all over me but I don't really like feet as much as the pressure I'm under. Oh and I love throat / face trampling 

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On 2/7/2018 at 5:53 AM, Charms said:

id be to scared to try incase i hurt any 1

It is possible to hurt someone if not done correctly & a certain amount of care.

If you do try then make sure you trample on an experienced subject.

I'd love to teach you, or at the very least give you some tips, feel free to message.

BTW, I rather like the look of your feet.

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