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**TW** Checking the Boxes Part 3


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His hands came up and got hold of the collar of her shirt. He pulled his hands apart, ripping the shirt more than halfway down the front. She instinctively tried to back away, but he was already there, so all she did was press herself against him. Her breasts were fully exposed, nipples rock herd and standing out because of recent manipulation and the cool air. His hands slid down, and when she thought they were going to stop at the bottom of the rip, they kept going. They reached her shorts, undid the and the zipper. One hand slid down inside them and stroked her. She was starting to feel heat building, and this just made her hotter. He pulled that hand back up, and pushed her shorts down onto her legs.
His hands roamed her mostly exposed body for a few moments, then one hand left her. She heard a noise, and his hand came around in front of her, with a rather large knife in it. She sucked in her breath, her heart skipped a beat, and she felt warmth flooding her privates. He placed the knife on her, and traced around her breasts, making sure the cold metal touched her nipples. He placed the knife under her shirt in the area that hadn't been ripped yet. He pushed out with it and she couldn't help but watch as it cut her shirt with ease. He used the knife to remove the rest of the shirt, leaving her top uncovered.
He moved around her, standing in front of her. Her breathing had sped up some. He reached down with one hand and grabbed her shorts. The knife made easy work out of them. Her shorts were held up in front of her for a moment before being discarded. Then a hand reached up and cupped her, pressing her panties into her. She felt the wetness that was gathering. She felt the knife work on her panties, they popped loose. He used her panties to wipe her up, taking as much wetness as he could into them. He held them up in front of her, but instead of discarding them he put them in her mouth. They were soaked with her juices and she could taste herself more than she could taste her panties. She was now spread eagle, completely naked, exposed to a crowd, tasting herself through her panties in her mouth. She was horrified, because good girls didn't do this, she was electrified with joy, because she was doing this. Check.
He walked around to the table close by, where he had his bag. He took something out and stepped in front of her again. His head cane down, his lips closed on one of her nipples, and sucked. A moan of pure pleasure as his tongue worked it's magic. His mouth withdrew, and he placed something on her nipple. It was a clamp which he adjusted. Her eyes closed and she hissed with the feeling. As he started on the other nipple, she could feel the wetness he had left interacting with the air, causing more sensation. After he had clamped both nipples, he bent down in front of her pussy. He had a full view, and she couldn't do anything about it. She felt him place clamps on her labia. It was an entirely new experience, with ***, yes, but like on her nipples, raising her desires. Check.
He went back and got something else from his table. He came back with several metal balls connected by a string. Once again he knelt in front of her, and one after another, he pushed them inside her, drawing several moans out of her. She could feel them filling her. He went back to the table, came back behind her this time. She felt him spread her cheeks, and place something in her ass. He stood up and whispered in her ear, if your wondering why you so wet even they can see it, it's because under the good girl act, your just a slut wanting to offer herself to a man willing to take what he wants. Get ready because I want to see you shake with ***, at the same time I see you shiver with pleasure. For her it was perfect. Disregard for her discomfort, at the same time showing care for her feelings. Check.

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