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Checking the Boxes Part 4


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He stepped away again, and quickly came back. He was a couple of feet behind her. She heard a swish, and felt a strike on her lower back and upper butt. This caused her to help in *** and move her hips sharply away from him. It also caused the balls inside her to strike each other and start vibrating, changing the sound of the help to a sound of pleasure. It was a light flogger, which she knew would only cause some light ***. Then almost immediately she heard another swish, sounding much louder and more solid. She felt it strike her back, causing her to exclaim louder, and jerk in a different direction. Of course this caused the balls to strike each other again, creating more vibration inside her. This was a heavier flogger, that bit deeper into her. Quickly a rhythm developed, strike strike pause. Before long she lost herself to all the sensory input, *** of different types combined with internal stimulation. She entered a state that must be subspace, just reveling in the sensations. She was in a wonderful world she couldn't conceive of describing to a normal person. Spread eagle, objects placed on and in her to give her both *** and pleasure, being stuck with medieval punishment devices, all while being on display to people who she barely knew, if at all. Check.

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