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Checking the Boxes Part 5


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After a period of bliss, she noticed that he had stopped. He was removing the chains holding her, picking her up and carrying her to a couch. He got her a blanket, covered her, and got her something to drink. He sat with her, caressed her, and murmured sweet nothings at her while she gathered her wits. While she was there, several people had come by and given congratulations on the show they had put forth. At first only he replied, thanking them. Soon she was shyly thanking people as well. After about thirty minutes had passed, he looked at her and asked if she was ready to continue. She felt her heart jump. Tonight wasn't a normal night at the dungeon. It was a private event. Some of the rules from other nights she had been here did not apply. She closed her eyes for a moment, opened them and said yes. Partly with trepidation, partly with anticipation.
He took the blanket off of her, picked her up again, and carried her to a padded table much like a bed, only much smaller. She still had the cuffs on, and he attached her arms to her legs. Then he attached each side to the side of the bed in a way that her legs were spread wide. Her butt was at the bottom of the table, her head just at the top. He stood at her head, and reached down to her breast, pulling slightly on the clamp that was there. She had had them there for so long, she had really forgotten them. Then he removed it. She remembered now, her breath hissing in. Sensation exploded there. A moan started to come out, as he bent down and his lips found that nipple. Fire exploded as she felt him suck it. She could feel herself getting wet again. Need quickly building in her body. She struggled to grab him and pull him to her, but could do nothing. Then the same thing happened to the other nipple, and she was beside herself. Then he took the chain and slowly lowered it off the bed in between her legs. She felt the weight taken up by her labia , and she was completely taken by desire.
She saw him take his kilt off and press his full member against her lips. She opened her mouth and took him in, sucking like she hadn't known she could. He took her deeply, going down her throat. She just swallowed him down greedily, completely uncaring. He kept her mouth busy for quite some time, then he pulled out. He walked around her and her mind was in turmoil. She could see several people looking right at her, everything open for their view. But all she cared about was his wonderful cock. All the while she had taken him in the mouth the balls inside her had been vibrating, and her movements had stimulated the plug in her ass. He came up in between her legs and set his mouth to her needy pussy. As he licked her firmly and deeply, her body exploded. She came hard, shouting and bucking into him the best she could.
After a couple of minutes, he spread the chain hanging down from her, and pulled the plug out of her ass. It felt good having the relief, but bad because it was empty now. He stood in front of her, and slid his hardness deep into her forbidden hole. She cried out in pleasure. He didn't go slow or easy, but took her like she needed to be taken. Hard and ***ful, deep penetrating strokes one after another. She felt another orgasm coming. So did he, as it arrived, he pulled the clamps off her labia, and more sensation came. Then he pulled out of her ass and drove deep in her pussy. Driving even harder now, she knew he wanted to finish. She didn't know how long it took, it seemed like a long time, but she felt it starting. As it did she lost herself to another intense explosion, as he filled her with his warmth, driving it deep inside her. Both off them made *** noises as they tried to combine even more.
After a moment he helped her out of her restraints and to the couch. She hurt in ways that she couldn't describe. She had just experienced being fucked by someone while others watched her scream and beg with pleasure for more. She felt humiliated that they saw her reactions, and overjoyed at the feelings in her body. She got dressed, and he took her home. Like a gentleman he took her to the door. He gave her a kiss at the door, and then gave her the perfect thrill. He told her that she had been a very good girl. She opened the door, stepped in but left it wide open. She reached being her, and unzipped her dress, letting it slide to the floor. She was completely naked. She told him that if he was willing, she could see her way through another round. As she turned around to walk deeper into her home, she saw the gentleman leave his eyes. As he stepped inside and closed the door, all she could think was, Check.

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