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Experience with Kink3D Cobra Cages


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Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well! I just wanted to gage the community on their experiences with the cages. Locktober was my first real experience with chastity and my Miss and I used the month to introduce me to it rather than jump right in which was amazing! I can honestly say chastity quickly shot up the list of kinks I enjoy especially with her holding my keys!

My current cage is a CB6k, and while I definitely enjoyed it there where some issues I had with it that I found to be annoying at times or would take away from whatever Miss was doing to tease me. None major but I’d have to unlock to readjust or fix how the cage was fitting every now and than as a result.

I was in between ring sizes so that was part of the issue, however I’ve pretty much learned that the tube part of the cage was too big as well as when flaccid it leaves me a decent amount of room to grow.

So initially I was thinking of just getting a 6ks. But I’ve been seeing a lot of the kink3d cages and a friend recently got one and has been signing its praises, so I reached out and am very interested in it as well.

Their customer service I found very informative and after taking their recommendations and chatting with my Miss and friend I’d agree with what their recommendations have been so far.

I just wanted to hear of others experiences with the cages as well and get as much information before ordering anything and deciding what I want for my smaller cage.

They also have widths available and said the narrow or standard should work for me. But I’m curious if that has any affect on making it easier or harder to edge or cum while locked up as well, or if it only really just affects the fit and feel of the cage.

Thanks for everyone who took the time to read and respond! I appreciate the advice! :)

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