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Hi All,

   Literally just finished a great watersports and kink session with a truly kinky nymphomaniac. I met her last night in a bar we had a few drinks and arranged to meet this morning.

   These things (arrangements) you can never be sure about until they actually happen .

   Well it actually happened, she turned up at my house  at 1 today, she parked her car in my drive and rang the doorbell.  She had a raincoat on and when she was still at my front door she opened it wide to show she had nothing on underneath. Nice sexy start, we took some drinks upstairs and then she grabbed my hair and pushed my face hard against her pussy and peed straight into my mouth, quite a surprise as I still had my clothes on but the lady likes to be dominant. Then she told me to get undressed while I was doing this she put some towels on the bed and told me to lay down she then sat on my stomach and started to shit on my stomach and cock, I had never done this before so it was quite a surprise but when we chatted last evening she did say she would come to my house as long as she could do whatever she wanted, and I had agreed. Still not 100% sure about the shit part but the pissing was amazing. We had a couple more drinks and she then sat on my face and pissed straight into my mouth again, demanding i drink every drop.

   As I said we have literally just finished after multiple pissing events, I really wanted to have sex with her but she said ‘NOT THIS TIME’ but we are meeting again on Wednesday evening so hopefully then.


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I experienced something similar, she loved pissing in my mouth and me drinking it. she even enjoyed shitting on my face and in my mouth

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Makeme6 I would love to find that woman!!

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