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I see you on the other side of the room, leaning against the wall with a drink in your hand. You have not seen me yet. You are my prey, and I'm hunting tonight.

We have been speaking, and I told you to be where you are, wearing your tight red dress that hangs right above your stockings. If you bend over everyone will be able to see your smooth, uncovered cunt. I see other men circling but you ignore their approaches.

I walk toward you, coming from your right side. You are looking in the other direction. As I am a few centimeters from you, I whisper in your ear. "Don't move or make a sound."

You are surprised, although you expected me, and tense up a bit. You feel my hand on your thigh but are a good girl and don't move. I slowly move my strong hand up your thigh, above the stockings, under the dress. I know other men are looking on, gawking at the audacity.

My fingers find your bare cunt and suddenly push in violently into your wet moistness. You have a sharp intake of breath to the suddenness, and your juices flood down my fingers.

You've been a good girl, looking away, not moving. The only thing that betrays you is the wetness, the heat of your cunt, the flush on your face, a drop of sweat beading at your hair line. I push a bit deeper.

Then walk away. Knowing that you will follow, in my thrall. I walk slowly, deliberately, keeping you in the corner of my eye as I leave the pub. There is a car park right outside the front door, forest and deep shadow once the pool of light ends. I wait, patiently, hungrily, ready to spring.

You exit the door, stepping into the light. You a radiant, and angel in a pool of gold. You look around, but cannot see me. I wait. Silent.

You cross your arms against the cold, uplifting your breasts in the tight crimson fabric, almost spilling out. You take a deep breath and step out into the darkness, about three metres from me. I hear the crunching of your silettos on the gravel of the parking lot.

I strike.

Rush out, one hand on your mouth, the other around your neck. You freeze and are suddenly terrified. Even though you know it's me. You know better than to resist as I pull you into the shadows.

I manhandle you deeper into the darkness - the light becomes a faint, feeble glow in the distance. It is in the past, and you feel that you may never see the light again.

You involuntarily orgasm as I bite your neck, pulling you deeper and deeper into the wood. You feel me sniff your hair as I continue to hold you tight, hear and feel a deep growl in my chest against your back. You sense the wolf rising, and you *** being devoured. Even though you know me well - suddenly you wonder if you'll ever see the light again, or if I'd leave you a dead, broken thing abandoned on the forest floor.

You are suddenly thrown violently to the ground amongst the leaves and branches. Your breath catches and you want to scream in your terror, but you know the punishment that would bring. You feel rough hands on your breasts, grabbing at the thin fabric and pulling. It rips right between your breasts, to halfway down. Your breasts burst out and you feel my mouth and teeth on your right nipple, biting and chewing while my left hand seizes your left nipple and pinches mercilessly. You gasp and another wave of orgasm squirts onto my trousers. My hands and mouth are everywhere, biting and pinching.

The growls grow deeper and more dangerous. You are suddenly flipped over and feel my thickness violate your tight ass without any lubrication. You bite your lip to keep from crying out as one hand is in your hair, pulling you back, the other hand on your throat, squeezing.

You feel terrified, violated, humiliated - yet loved that the *** has chosen you. You orgasm again - your body betraying you.

You feel the urgency as the *** pounds into you harder and harder each time, deeper than anyone has been in your ass. Suddenly you feel the throbbing of my orgasm and the splashing of my cum inside you. The most intense wave of your own orgasm sprays the forest floor.

Then I am gone.

You are left a shivering, exhausted, strangely fulfilled mess. You know that I will be in the car at the edge of the car park.

You cannot find your shoes, and don't even bother to try to fix your dress as you walk gingerly through the now silent wood toward the light. You hear laughter reasonably close and wait until the hidden people pass.

You open the car door, sit in the passenger seat, shivering. You feel a warm blanket laid around your shoulders, and me pull you into my chest, softly.

You let out a wail of exhaustion, confusion, desire as I kiss you on the head.

That's my good girl


An extraordinary and moving piece of prose.


Very glad you enjoyed

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