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Tips for a inexperienced Dom.


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I've always been dominant in the bedroom but never been in a D/s relationship.

My previous partner liked to be spanked and choked during sex and I enjoyed doing it to her.

Any advice from experienced Doms/Dommes/Subs would be welcomed.



A kinda question is what do you want this D/s relationship to look like?  There's a lot of potential structures and this is also something you may be fluid with

But then also a case of how realistic this is.

All relationships require work, but a D/s more again - you will have to build trust. Learn and understand boundaries.

Learn what you would like and want from a relationship and how this ties in with someone else's.  

If 'play' is to be a part, what sort of activities interest you? Take the time *now* to learn more about them and how to mitigate risk.  

Whilst Dominance is often about having authority and having someone serve you - there has to be a reason why people would want to do this with you.  So it's important to understand what you can offer.   

And, at this point - obviously it's easy to worry about inexperience - but - of course that there's more to a relationship than just kink - there does have to be things to enjoy together aside from play and kink

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