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Xxxiii office

No matter how much you longed the clock to move quicker, the hands hardly moved.

The day had been long from the moment you had woken that morning and certainly hadn't improved on getting into the office.
The boss had been a pain all day long, asking more and more of you with shorter and shorter deadlines to the point that it was going to be a late night in the office.
With the official finish time of the day having passed a few hours ago, that would normally be bad enough, but on a Friday!

Still, there was a minor upside in that you had be assigned a colleague to help with one of the tasks......and although he was certainly not young, he was a nice guy and always had made you feel confident in the tasks that you had to do.
Not only that, by the fun playground type flirting that went on with him during the day made things that bit more relaxed around the office.

However, focus had to be on the report you were tasked with completing ready to be on the bosses desk come Monday morning and the coffee he'd gone to get you both would help.

You hear him approach and sure enough a coffee is gently placed on your desk and then he pulls a chair up along side yours.

He sits quietly as you type, sipping at his coffee slowly.
For a moment you are distracted by the soft scent of his aftershave..it's subtle, perhaps even barely worn but that small hint is pleasurable and you do find yourself drawing in a breath a little deeper than usual.

Focus lost, gibberish appears on the screen and all you can think of is how stupid that must have looked.
As you reach for the delete key you hear him chuckle to himself and before you know why, you turn to say something only to find him reaching forward towards the paperwork to the side of you.
The timing could not have been worse as you almost knock into each other.

You feel so stupid so you hurriedly turn back to your screen...
He asks what is wrong and you just don't know what to say and end up muttering some rubbish that even you are not sure what it means and you return your gaze to the screen once more.

Confused, he rolls his chair closer and tea he's out to stop your hand moving the mouse and asks what is wrong.....and yet you have no answer, just shocked by the warmth of his hand in yours and then the calming feel spread throughout.
Your turn a bit, and apologise for nearly bumping into him a few moments ago and  subsequent muttering that followed.

...but the whole time you do, for no reason  that you can fathom, you find yourself looking into his eyes the whole time and then realise that you've stopped talking and are just staring..

Flustered you turn your chair away and remove your hand from under his.
Sat there feeling like a dumb teenager and trying to focus again on your report, your chair starts to rotate and you find yourself facing him once more, just a couple of feet between you both.

Another pause with just eye contact being made and then you hear your voice say sorry as you lean in quick and kiss him firmly.

You don't stop, your mouth on his, working hard and to your pleasure he responds.

Reality suddenly hits you like a rock and you pull back not knowing where to look let alone what to say.
An awkward silence hangs in the air between as you turn away back towards that dam report on the computer screen.

You hear his chair move and figure that he is heading off else where but only to feels his hands fall onto your shoulders, the warmth of his touch through your blouse onto your skin below.
He removes one hand and then you feel your hair around the back of your neck being moved away and then his lips onto the naked skin of your neck moving slowly...
 You learn your head forward and he continues exploring, his hands leaving your shoulders and start to slide down the outside of your arms holding them tight to you body.
Moments pass and your relax more and more with the movement of his lips.
His hands migrate slowly from the outside of your arms, around the back if them and under so they rest on the side of your body, finger tips just at the point where body becomes breast.
You can tell he is awkward in his stance so start to stand and in doing so he has to  break away from the attention he is paying you.
Without turning, you reach behind you and remove the chair you were sat on and simply ask him to return to where he was.
You feel his finger tips ease in between your arm and body to find their place at the start of the side of each breast, then his mouth touches the side of your neck, goosebumps start to appear.

You feel your blood starting to flow, creating an inner warmth not felt for a while...
His hands move up and down the side of your body, from hip to chest side, up and down.
You notice how his hands on each trip slowly are edging further forward until the point that when they are high, they're almost more hand on side breast than in body.
Your raise your arms, folding them and take a hand of his in each of yours and them slowly pull them round to gently cup your breast, he shows his appreciation by every so lightly squeezing them in a gentle but firm way.

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