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Meeting an online Daddy and meeting IRL

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Hey All

I *met* a daddy on here and we have been chatting and having cybersex for a couple of weeks now.    

I have found it very difficult to meet someone who matches me bcoz it seems like a lot of the guys on here are after hookups and not interest in relationships.     I am into kink but require a Dom/daddy who has the sensitive side too.    this guy seems to have it all.


So we have arranged to meet (we live a fair way apart).  I am interested on those who have met this way.   What happened?   Did you have sex when you met because frankly I can't see how this won't happen as I am practically gagging for him and vice versa!


Advice please xxx

Why don't you speak to him about it beforehand, set boundaries, discuss what you're expecting or hoping for put the meet, then there'll be no awkwardness. You can't really judge your meet by other people's past meets as everyone's different
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Do what you think is best, you are an adult and can take responsibility for your actions even if they don;t turn out like you'd hoped. We do that all the time. I've had sex with ladies I've met after only chatting online. You woulnd't be the first by any means, so do what you want. My only advice is not to jump on him, legs apart shouting "fuck me daddy fuck me" as it'll put him off, he won't be expecting that. (or, if you do, then give him time to gain his composure, and then try again)

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This seems like classic sub frenzy.

Personally I take sex and any form of play off the table at a first meet. The reason for that it eases expectations on both parties and makes the meeting more relaxed.

The other reason is that people online can often portray one persona when there is anonymity involved, while having a different one in person.

You dont say if he is travelling to you or visa versa. if you or he are accommodating, or if its a hotel meeting. If its the later are you being expected to pay or is he? Who booked the room?

If you are staying at his does someone know the address and do you have a safe call in place with a "fuck this has gone wrong code" so they can get the police there.

In the end its your decision but you also need to make sure the meeting is as safe as possible. Be wary of the emotional blackmail angle that can be played about how its wasted his time and/or ***.

Finally, remember you can withdraw consent at any time, and anything that happens after that is an offence.
I would just like to echo TheBookCollector's response. Please try to take a moment to ground yourself and establish a baseline safety protocol for yourself. Consider your mental safety along with your physical safety. It may help to abstain from sex talk before the meeting and take a practical approach. When two or more folk are horny and plan to meet for the first time, it seems silly to lower your expectations because what a downer, right? Wrong! People could be talking about sequins and still hit it off in person. Just like people can be talking sexy moon stars and find they're not feeling it. If y'all are planning sex on the first meet and it doesn't happen, you know how you might react. You don't know how a stranger will react. Unless homeboy has provided you with 24/7 live footage of himself, no matter what he says he is a stranger. This goes for all genders. I can't tell you how many men have offered to show up at my home. I can shoot a hostile guest, great, but how does this guy know he's not gonna get rolled by some strange lady and her goons?
Have fun for sure, but just like you check your vehicle before driving it. Be safe.
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