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Initiation of Vanilla (Part 2 - final part)

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…With her eyes still closed, her other senses seem to sharpen. She becomes aware of the heat radiating from his body, contrasting the clammy humidity in the room, feels his gaze now resting on her face cherishing the signs of pleasure on it, then moving towards her breasts and arriving between her legs. As she opens her eyes, she sees his hand disappear inside the pocket of his suit jacket and turns her head towards him, curious to see what he is about to bring to light. ‘One more surprise for my little girl,’ he says with a smile, ‘but I need you to keep still and your eyes closed, understood?’ The thought of re-entering the feeling of pure receptiveness she just left both excites and relaxes her instantly and she is quick to nod her head and shut her eyes. ‘Yes, Master, I promise I won’t move.’ He laughs gently at her eagerness. ‘I will hold you to your promise. Now relax and know that you are mine to play with.’

As much as she tries to get back into the blissful state she was in only minutes earlier, her anticipation makes it hard for her to truly let go. When she suddenly hears a humming sound, she flinches and has to muster all her willpower to keep her eyes shut. Doubts flash through her mind, the rational part of her brain reminding her that what she has just agreed to is ludicrous, given that she hardly knows him, never has done anything like this before in her life. Of course, they had spoken many times online, had discussed what she would be willing to try, had felt an immediate chemistry, had even been able to hold on to and intensify their connection when they finally met yesterday. But to trust him like this, to let him do to her whatever he might see fit in this moment? And yet, she remains motionless, her body heavy and burning. A cold sensation on her clit makes her hips twitch and she lets out a small squeal, but immediately is flooded with a vibration that runs through her skin, muscles, even bones. She loses herself in the moment, the sensation moving into her whole body and mind, she wants more of it, more of the vibration, more of it entering her most sensitive spot, more of the all-encompassing arousal, wants to feel his fingers inside her, wants to feel him inside her, needs to come, and needs this now, lifts her hips slightly to press against whatever it is that causes this longing and starts moving forward, towards it. His voice hardly reaches her, she is pure sensation in this moment, unable to engage with anything outside herself, feels a kind of ecstasy she has never experienced before, knows she is about to explode when the buzzing suddenly stops -

An uncontrollable urge rises in her, she pulls her arms down to lift up on them, feels their numbness from endless minutes of stretching them out, still manages to raise her head and chest, eyes wide open and shouts ‘No, don’t stop! Keep going!’. His head turns towards her abruptly, his eyes narrow and his mouth left open in astonishment as he takes a deep and sharp breath in. She immediately realises that she has made a serious mistake, not a small one like earlier, she did not just forget to say a word, she forgot to abide by an unspoken agreement. Her throat tightens and she knows she has overstepped a line, can see him collecting himself before he puts his hands on the bed dangerously close to her, resting his weight on them, causing her body to be pulled slightly towards him. ‘Rule number two, you little brat,’ his voice is a deep growl now, revealing the anger he holds back, ‘and let me make this absolutely clear: Never, I repeat, never try telling me what to do.’ His gaze is hard as steel and she swallows, bites her lip as a deep panic starts to take hold of her. ‘You can beg, you can plead, but challenge me like this one more time and our little game here is over. Have I made myself clear?’ Her palms are sweaty and she can feel tears well up, pulls her chin to her chest, making it even harder to get out her whispered response. ‘Yes, Master. I am sorry. I promise this will never happen again!’

With a sigh he moves away from the bed, leaves her lying there on her own, alone with her shame, panic and worry. She wants to make it up to him, needs to show him that she is worthy of his domination, but is paralysed and can do nothing but wait for him to tell her how to. As he walks towards the leather armchair at the window, her lips start to tremble and as much as she wills herself to keep it together, she can feel a first hot tear run down her cheek. She does not want this to end, wants him to keep giving her the attention she so desperately needs and yet cannot understand why she reacts so emotional, how this little incident can cause such havoc within her. Calmly, he sits down on the chair, stretches as if to rid himself of the tension her behaviour has caused and seems to regain his composure, gets comfortable without so much as glancing at her. The mood has changed so instantly and drastically that she has started to shiver, when he suddenly addresses her in a sober tone. ‘I will give you a chance to show me that I am not wasting my time on you. You better live up to my expectations this time.’ A wave of relief washes over her and with a cat-like movement she gets to her knees, waiting for him to speak again, to be able to show her obedience. ‘You will make me a coffee the way I like it and do not disappoint me again.’ His words remove the last bit of numbness within her and with a big smile she answers ‘Yes, Master!’, jumps to her feet, makes her way to the wooden table on the side, pours water into the little black kettle, switches it on, turns the cup around, ready to swiftly finish her task, but just as she shakes the content of the coffee sachet into the cup, her movements come to a sharp halt. How does he like his drink? A distant memory arises, one of their earlier conversations, him telling her about this specifically, yet this was weeks ago! She never considered such knowledge to be relevant, that it could be part of a test she would have to pass. Milk? No, no she remembers thinking how him liking his coffee black fitted perfectly to the dark desires he kept awakening in her. Sugar, yes, some sugar, just how much she cannot remember, no matter how hard she tries. She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath in and moves closer to the table, her clit accidentally pushing against its glossy side and it is only now that she realises how excited she is, which profoundly confuses her and is enough to make her question her sanity and what exactly it is he is bringing out in her. She keeps pressing herself against the hard wood, finds it brings her release and allows her to loosen up enough to finally decide on going for half the sachet of sugar, stirs the steaming liquid, picks up the cup and turns around to him, about to make her way towards him.

‘Not so fast!’ She stops abruptly midway, causing some of the coffee to spill over the rim of the cup and to run over her fingertips. ‘I want you to get on your knees and crawl towards me. Without spilling any more on your way, this should be possible even for you.’ His last comment stings, leaves her reeling, makes her bow her head in shame and she is surprised by the ***fulness of her own words when she responds ‘Of course, Master, if it pleases you.’ How often she has thought of this moment, when she would kneel down before a man, showing her submission in the most evident way. In this moment, however, she realises that none of these fantasies actually could have prepared her for the reality of it. She bends her right leg first, feels her muscles refusing to obey her mind and it is with strain that she manages to bring her knee down to the wiry carpet, followed by the left one, her breath now heavy and her chest tight with reluctance. She starts to pull her right leg forward, has underestimated the texture of the fabric underneath which causes her knee to burn as if on fire, but keeps going, accepting this as part of the punishment for her misbehaviour. With every slide closer to him, her defiance vanishes a bit more and by the time she has arrived in front of him, she is all his to rule over. ‘Well, it has arrived in one piece, that is a start.’ He bends down to her and takes the cup with a critical look on his face while apprehension is written all over hers as she follows his every move with her eyes. He lifts the drink up to his lips, takes a sip, savours the taste in his mouth for some time, without the slightest hint of a verdict. ‘Perfect.’ Hearing him say this makes her heart jump and she almost laughs with the strength of her joy, as if she had waited her whole life to receive his acknowledgement.

But immediately his gaze turns stern again. ‘Now let me enjoy this in peace. Hands behind your back, forehead on the ground, hips up. Now.’ What is he doing to her? Why can he not allow her one moment of recovery from what has felt like the most gruelling if exciting joyride of her life. Too exhausted to keep asking herself these questions, she complies as soon as he has given his order, only faintly noticing the feeling of *** as she places her hands on her back, lowers her head down to the carpet placing it between his polished leather shoes, and moves her knees further back to lift up her hips. She can hear him place the cup on the table, the rustling of his jacket and starts to wonder what he is doing, what he is looking at, at her?, at the world outside the window?, at his phone?, wants to know whether she is on his mind, like he is on hers, as all she can think about is him. She relaxes into her new posture and begins to tune into the sensations it causes, starts to understand the deeper meaning it carries. And then it hits her. She loves this. She loves lying at his feet, being subjected to his will, being humiliated to make her understand on a visceral level that she is his submissive, his toy and his pleasure. As she fully embraces this understanding, she finds it increasingly more difficult to stay still, notices how wet she is by now and the heavy pulsation between her legs. Impatience grows within her, but he seems to be in no rush as she hears him pick up his cup again and take another sip. She tries to make subtle movements with her hips, but this only increases her ***.

Just as she is about to scream from frustration, he stirs in his chair, moving his left shoe so close to her face that she ***s it might accidentally brush her cheek. When he speaks, his tone of voice is warm again, soothing her. ‘You have been a good girl, I knew I was right about you. Your little faux pas has been forgiven. So let’s go over to the most enjoyable part of our little get together, your reward.’ At this, she starts to move her legs, finally able to rub them together, to give in to the urge she has been fighting for what felt like eternity. His reprimand follows promptly. ‘Now don’t you ruin it for yourself! Stay still, learn to control yourself.’ She chides herself quietly, wonders how she could make the same mistake again, and comes to complete stillness. He gets up and walks past her, is now behind her and at last she hears it again, the same electric sound as earlier. This time she will be well-behaved, she will do as she is told, will not risk him leaving her in agony again. The cold tip touches her again, but this time she is prepared, expects it and waits for the ensuing sensation. The vibration moves around her clit this time, teases her, daring her to move closer, but she has learned her lesson, no movement will come from her unless he permits it. Her moans rise up from deep down inside her body, making their way up through her stretched out chest and her compressed throat. Her thighs start to shake uncontrollably as the unyielding and smooth toy enters her, making her groan with lust. ‘I love to see how much you have been waiting for this.’, he mumbles as if speaking to himself with a hoarse voice, revealing his arousal at the sight in front of him, which flows right into her, intensifies her own excitement even more, lets her forget to remember that she never before has reached a climax by just being taken there, and she begins to pant faster and faster, the sensations within her magnified by every movement of his hand, starts to become fluid, weightless, everything around her expanding, a blinding light surrounding and enfolding her in cotton-like softness, looses control over her muscles, over her voice, over her mind until she is pulled away by a convulsive jolt that ***s out a desperate moan, pulls away the ground underneath her as she collapses and her body is shaken by spasms that keep her moving uncontrolledly until they finally ebb away, leaving her with the most delicious exhaustion and bliss.

She does not notice how he pulls the toy out of her, nor how he lifts her up and lies her down on the bed where she curls up, pulling her knees up to her chest. Yet, she feels his presence throughout, as if he were part of her, feels a connection she has never felt before to another person and feels an emotion rising up which she at first cannot define, until she understands it is gratitude. A faint smile appears on her face as he sits down next to her, gently strokes her hair and whispers into her ear ‘You are amazing, my little kitten.’

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