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My femdom/cuckolding fetish


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I am a 29 year old male, 6’0, short brown hair, green eyes, slender athletic build. I have been obsessed with porn for a very long time, and for years have been fantasizing deeper and deeper about the cuckolding and femdom fetish’s. Sometimes I feel bad about it because I can’t seem to find anyone that understands my sexuality. I don’t think of being cuckolded in a degrading way, I actually find it romantic in a way. I am also obsessed with the idea of sucking cock and being somewhat feminized. I would like to find a woman I can worship that understands me, but I don’t know where to start.


Hi, I also have a cuckolding thing. Maybe I am lucky that my wife is happy to play the game although we never include anybody else in our play. You may find a 'regular' girlfriend will be happy to play along. My wife does not really see herself as a kinkster but she is happy making me happy. What you are after is in short supply so some flexibility and compromise may be required.





But, for most fetishes there are two core routes.

Route number 1.  Relationship building.   Go to munches and events, get to know people.  Make friends.  Remember that having guy friends are just as valuable as lady friends : basically a peer support.  Remember nobody is going to leap at the opportunity to do your fetish with you - but as you build friendships and trust then over time there might be someone who is interested in helping you out via either a one-off, a relationship or some form of regular play.  But, of course, it's always important to ensure you are interested in friendship first, fetish second.

this takes time, comes with no guarantees - but is worth it.


Route number 2.  Pay a Professional.   Find a professional who offers cuckolding or the fetish you'd like and message her respectfully saying this is your fetish, would she do it with you - if so, you'll arrange a date and deposit.



But is that the same?  Paying someone to do your bidding?  Kind of takes the kink away. 

Don't get me wrong, if you take up someone's time, obviously that should be paramount and treated accordingly... BUT nah.....  If people are honest and straight up.... That is what works... Just my option.  


what works is always important.

some people are in more fortunate situations than others and I appreciate my circumstances are, on the whole, quite fortunate.  But there are people who have fetishes and fantasies they haven't achieved and yeah, there's a long road and a short road.

The only wrong way is the way where you don't get what you want.

A lot of common/actual wants from guys in kink is a bit like the OP : watched some porn, has some fantasies, wants to act them out.  It's massively common.  But, it doesn't really matter if you act them out with a wife, girlfriend, friend or a paid professional - it's still going through the motion of the fantasy.

But, it's choices.   


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