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Trigger Warnings and the need for Patience

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Do we know when they will happen or even occur?

I found myself in two scenarios where both had me flash backing to the past that I had long dealt with (or thought I had).

Growing up life was not a bed of roses and it certainly was not a happy one; did that define me; yes in my early 20’s it really had. I eventually did a lot of self help and courses to overcome such tremendous experiences.

I am not that 20 year old and defiant within my own stubbornness it was not going to define me. I am thankful of the life lessons as it has made me of who I am today.

The couple of triggers I encountered since experimenting with BDSM and kink brought me back to such an age of where I encountered my traumas; there was no warning, there was no heads up; not until the situation happened within that second. I found myself freezing at the spot, rigid and unable to carry on.

Does that still define me; no!
I was told when I started this journey that it is that a journey of self discovery; some are enjoyable; some push a boundary and some are hard limits … I am sure I will encounter many more that will slap me dead in the face and on that spot of whichever is happening within that scene.

My Stubbornness and determination will get me through it; what was a dormant *** will become the ultimate pleasure as I work through them.

I was questioned about it and to a point judged by them; delving into so many questions that I could not answer as I had no idea what emotions I was feeling and needing to try and process within myself.

Please be patient with your partners; subs, Doms or whichever title you choose to use.
We all have triggers that we encounter.

Talk about them; neither should feel bad or judged. Patience and understanding is what is needed to allow that person to work through them in their own time. Seek guidance through friends as some have experienced and understand such triggers.

Never judge anyone of any encounter they may find themselves in; Be understanding and help them through it.

It’s a journey for everyone and delving into our darkest closet’s that we may or may not be aware of until they come right out without warning.

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