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Be a good slave


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Kneel!" I yell at you as you enter the hotel room and fail get immediately on your knees in front of Me.

You fall your knees and instinctively lower your lips My boot, showering it with kisses. "That's much better," I purr.

Unsure what do next, and not getting any direction from , you continue kiss my boots, lick them, suck on the little zipper pull. You are startled when I raise my right foot and you over onto your bac You try scramble onto your feet again but I immediately place my foot on your chest, holding you down. The heel is uncomfortable in your ribs, but you are too frightened to say anything.

"What do you think you're doing?" I as "Do you think you deserve be allowed stand at the same level as your Mistress? ANSWER ME!"

"No, Mistress! I am an unworthy little and I live only serve You!" you stammer. Tears well up in your eyes as you close them.

"No no My pet, you will keep your eyes open. You can't escape your punishment that easily. Besides, why would you want close your eyes? Then you can't see your beautiful Mistress in all Her glory!" I dig my heel into your ribs a bit more ***fully and you whimper like a little hurt puppy. "On your hands and knees, slut, we have things to do."

You scurry to your hands and knees and take up position at My feet. I hand you a large black collar and you immediately fasten it around your nec I then attach the matching leash and lead you around the hotel room a few times. I quicken the pace and you find it difficult keep up. The carpet is hurting your knees but you don't dare protest. I position you in the middle of the room and drop the leash. I walk around you a few times, inspecting My new posession, and the anticipation of the unknown is beginning drive you mad.

"Your ass is far too boring. There are no pretty colors or designs on it to please . What do you think I should do about that puppy?" I wait for you speak, but you hesitate. I bend over slightly and reach between your legs, where I find that you are still soft and unready. I yank down hard on your shaft, causing you cry out in ***. "I SAID, what do you think I should do about that puppy?"

"Mistress!" you stammer, "I think you should spank my horribly boring ass until it is full of colors and designs that please You!"

"Yes puppy, I think that is a splendid idea," I assure you, as I contemplate which implement use carry out this tas "Crawl over there and fetch that paddle!"

You crawl where I am pointing, only discover a table laden with different devices. You search through the pile of goodies trying find the paddle, but your attention is captured by the black rubber flogger, the handcuffs, the buttplugs, the strap-ons...you are inspecting a pair of metal nipple clamps when you feel the sharp heel of my boot enter your ass with frightening speed.

"I told you to fetch Me the paddle, not paw through the rest of My toys! Who taught you to be so insolent? Now hand Me the paddle and crawl up on that coffee table over there." You move with as much speed as you can muster and do as I ordered. The coffee table is very hard and doesn't feel at all comfortable against your tender knees, but you know it is My wish and will please Me. You flinch as you feel something touching your head, only to realize it's Me putting a blindfold on you. Now the panic and *** really starts to rise up, as you have no idea where I am or what I will do next. At least if we were somewhere else, maybe you could hear the clicking of My heels to give you a clue of where I might be, but with the carpet, the silence is maddening. "Open!" I say and you assume I mean your mouth, which you open immediately. You feel a large rubber ball being inserted into your mouth, then fastened by a band around your head. "I don't want to hear your little sissy whimpers while I creat art on your ass," I whisper into your ear. I then back up to look at you perched on the table like a slave on an auction bloc "No no, this won't do at all. You're still soft puppy...does that mean you don't find Me attractive? I should hate think that you aren't supremely attracted your Mistress!" I reach between your legs with the handle of the paddle and touch the tip of your sex. It responds immediately and begins to grow hard. Every stroke of the handle creates more length, more width, more redness. When I am satisfied that you are sufficiently saluting My supreme beauty, I flip the paddle around in my hand and haul it back far behind My head...

WHACK! The sound of the paddle hitting your tender flesh is absolute music to My ears. The unexpected blow nearly knocks you off balance as you try to cry out against the gag, but you recover quickly. I proceed to administer several hard blows with the paddle, reddening your ass quite nicely. In fact, the welts that are beggining to form are quite lovely. I stop paddling and trace the welts with My fingernails. You moan against the gag as you experience the mixture of *** and pleasure. I stop touching you. I can see you tense up in anticipation of the next blow that doesn't come. I smile to Myself. I go over to the table and grab the rubber flogger. I run the soft rubber between my fingers and wonder what kind of designs this will add to your welts. You are still tense and waiting for a blow when I come back to your side. I lean in close and whisper into your ear. "How does your ass feel puppy? Is it hot? Can you feel the welts? They're quite pretty actually. Some are light red, some are dark red, some are purple. I would say your ass is definitely not boring anymore." I can see you relax as you think I have made your ass satisfactory.

SWISH goes the rubber flogger as it flies through the air and makes contact with several of your beautiful welts. You manage to cry out loudly against the ball gag. Several cries later, I am finally finished with your ass. Well, with coloring it anyway.

"Ok puppy, no more spanking...for now," I purr at you. "You've done very well My pet. I loved the way your ass wiggled against the paddle." You sigh with relief against the gag, knowing that you have pleased your Mistress. A tear makes its way down your cheek as you await the instruction to get down from the table. "Puppy, you need to spread your legs a bit more," I coo into your ear. You visibly tense up again, not expecting that command. You spread your legs as far as possible on the thin coffee table. I notice that you are still quite hard, in spite of all the *** you have just received.

I make another trip to the table and grab My favorite strap-on. It has a jelly-like blue cock attached to it, not quite as big as the other strap-on, but just as filling. I slip it on and step up behind you. You feel something wet and slimy dribbling from above and making its way down your ass crac Oh no, you think, that's lube! Mistress is going violate !

Your ***s are realized when you feel sliding the cock into your ass, slowly at first, then with more gusto. When it's in as far as it will go, I begin to pump it faster and harder. You're not sure what to think about this, as it partly hurts and partly feels heavenly! It hits your prostate and you can imagine this is what it feels like for a woman to have her G Spot rubbed. You begin to thoroughly enjoy yourself when it abruptly ends and the paddle finds its mark on your right ass cheek, right on the most ***ful of welts. You brace for another but it doesn't come. You are heartsick that the pleasure of Me fucking you has ended.

"Oh, poor puppy, were you enjoying yourself?" I tease. You only manage a whimper in response. "Don't worry puppy. You've pleased Me enough today to earn a treat," I whisper into your ear. I then remove the blindfold and ball gag. You instinctively kiss my hand as I'm doing so. "Now puppy, look over there, in that corner by the bed," I order, and I follow your gaze as you look where I'm pointing. For the first time, you notice another puppy, bound and gagged and cowering in the corner. He is facing the wall and hasn't been able to see any of what has been going on. His ass is in the air and is probably more red than yours. "Go on puppy, crawl over to him and kneel up behind him."

You get down from the table and onto your hands and knees. You stretch your legs out a bit behind you, as they're quite stiff from the long ordeal on the hard surface of the table. You slowly crawl to the slave in the corner and do as instructed. You don't know what your Mistress will have you do, so you just anxiously await Her command.

"Now puppy, I'm going to give you one choice. This is the ONLY choice you will be given today, so be thankful that I'm in a generous mood. You may choose between fucking that puppy in the ass or having him suck your coc You see, he was a VERY bad puppy and has earned My displeasure. Had you been a bad puppy, your fate would have been his. Now, what is your choice?"

You bow your head as you answer, "Mistress, I've never been with a man before, I'm not sure what do. Which would you prefer Mistress?"

"Ah, poor puppy, so scared...well since you can't make up your mind, and this puppy is literally in the doghouse, I believe I will enjoy seeing him suck you. He doesn't particularly enjoy doing that so it will be a fitting punishment for him. Stupid dog, turn around!" I yell at the bad little puppy in the corner. Immediately he scurries around face you. "Up on your knees you little slut!" He rushes his knees, his arms still bound behind him. "Now, redeem yourself in My eyes. Pleasure this good doggie who did NOT earn a week of whoring himself anyone I see fit!" I screech at him.

Immediately, and with obvious skill, the bad little puppy begins service your cock with his mouth. Your head tilts back and your lips part as you are lost in the ecstasy of what is being done you. It doesn't take long before you release your stream into the throat of the slave in front of you. You slump forward as I pat you on the head. "Good doggie," I coo. "Good, doggie."....Mistress Monica 

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