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Her Anticipation


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I had tied her spread eagle to the bed, blindfolded and wearing noise cancelling headphones and then left the room (or so she believed).  I sat in the corner watching her squirm on the sheets, the anticipation of what was to come was overtaking her.  She tried testing her bonds but was unable to move, she was trapped, deprived of most of her senses, waiting ***ly for me to return.  I waited around 15-20 minutes and then unknown to her, I sneak up to her and lightly whip her nipples with my flogger.  She moans at first and then bites her bottom lip to control herself from screaming, not in *** but in pleasure.  I begin to kiss her collarbone and then the nape of her neck because I know she loves it when I do that.  We kiss passionately for what feels like an eternity.  I pinch her nipple just to heighten the feeling. 

I kiss her from her neck down, being sure to spend some time sucking on her succulent breasts and pulling on her nipples between my teeth, biting down just light enough to not make any damage.  I continue kissing her body, heading south towards the ultimate destination.  I reach her vagina but like to prolong the anticipation, so I begin to kiss the inside of her thighs.  So close but not yet close enough for her, she tries to bring her legs closer together to *** me to her true desire, but due to the restraints she has no luck and is ***d to feel the sensation grow in her loins.

After I feel that I've ***d her enough I hover over her pussy lips.  I see them glistening from their moistness, it is calling to me.  I gently blow my hot breath over them and my tongue delves into the depths of her buried treasure.  I lick and suck on her clitoris, enjoying the feeling just as much as she is.  My tongue goes deeper inside her pussy walls tasting her essence like a man who hasn't eaten for a month.  Finally, it is all too much for her and she can't take it anymore and explodes into a crescendo of an orgasm.  She screams like a banshee.  To keep her quiet I clamp my hand over her mouth and this only adds to her excitement.  She's shaking and quivering stronger than I've ever seen before. I climb on the bed next to her, holding her, playing with her hair as it relaxes her.  Once she comes back down, only then do I remove the blindfold and the restraints.  We embrace as she thanks me for the best orgasm she's ever experienced.

The End.


I hope you enjoyed my story. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

That's hot, well enjoyed while reading that.
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