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Daddy’s Home

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‘Daddy home’ I holler as I close the door.
I find my babygirl waiting on her knees naked.
I take a spider gag out of my pocket and tell you daddy’s going to fuck your pretty little mouth. As I move toward you, you do not open your mouth when I offer the gag to you.
‘Don’t make daddy *** you’ I say sternly as I slap you around the cheek as a warning.
It startles you and has you opening your mouth, partly from shock and partly from wanting.
I fix the gag, tighten it tighter than usual and forcing your mouth open, wide and inviting.
I unzip my trousers and free my already hard cock and take a moment to watch as you being to drool with no control of your mouth.
I slide my cock through the opening slowly and fully until I feel it begin to gag you, as it does I hold it there and look at you and wait for how you respond.
As you being to move away, I grab your hair to stop you and pull you towards me.
“daddy make you *** on daddy’s cock like a good little slut”
I start face fucking you and feel my cock harden the more you ***, gag and begin to tear up.
“Ah Is daddy’s little slut going to cry?
Do you want daddy to give you something to really cry for?”
I start fucking your open, defenceless greedy hole as you begin to gag and *** and start to convulse.
You expect daddy to stop but something is different and daddy doesn’t stop like normal, he keeps forcing his cock down your throat, suddenly you feel it happening and can’t stop....you puke hard and ***ful over daddy’s cock, your eyes full of tears.

I smile as I remove my cock and smear it over your face to clean it.

“Now that’s a good start you slutty little princess”
I pull you to your feet and grasp your hand and take you to the bedroom that had been left set up for what daddy had planned.

“Time to be daddy’s slutty toy”
I drag you to the bed and tie you face down by your ankles and wrist and remove the Spider gag then ***s a ball gag into your mouth.
I whisper into your ear....”daddy’s going to use his precious little slut”
I take my thumb and press it against your tight little butthole and tell you this is daddy’s hole later.

I take your favourite paddle and begin spanking your cheeks and they being to get rosy, as they do I begin using harder and more ***ful spanky toys as I watch you cheeks start to redden, I reach for my cane and give each cheek 5 hard lashes, waiting for you to moan and squeal after each one, before the next.
I take my bearclaws and begin clawing at your back leaving streaks as I do so.

I hear you begin to sob through your gag, I lay on top of you and whisper “daddy doesn’t stop for tears”

I turn you on to your back and sit straddling you and begin to slap your breasts with a paddle and tugging and pinching your nipples. As your breasts start to bruise I tie them up so they are bound, full and turning purple, I then cover them in bite marks, each bite making you squirm as I follow you with my bite.

I then take some markers and begin writing on you, daddy’s whore across your face with your mouth being the o, daddy’s little slut, daddy’s cunt, all holes belong to daddy.

I stand over you videoing and taking pictures of how you look....like a daddy’s little princess slut, covered in puke, without any control and being used.

I tell you to get on all fours and you do so slowly. I spread your legs and feel your cunt, it’s wet and throbbing to the touch, I curl my my fingers into a tight fist and make you take it inside your tight little wet cunt, you tense as you realise what is happening but I push my fist inside as you groan loudly and I’m in fully.

“Daddy going to make your little princess cunt take daddy’s fist”
I start fisting you hard and fast as I spank you with my other hand.
Feeling my fist slide easier and easier, making me spank you harder and harder.

I begin to rub my cock between your cheeks and pressing against you, I feel you tense, I grab your hair and yank your head back toward me and tell you “all your holes are daddy’s” and I *** my cock inside your butt as I hear your muffled scream as I start fucking your bot.

“Daddy going to take baby’s hole and you are going to take all daddy’s cock because you are daddy’s little fuck slut”

I feel my cock stretching your butt as I continue stretching your cunt with daddy’s hand and it makes me feel my cummies coming.

I pull out and turn you over, pinning you down as I straddle your chest and tell you that daddy’s pretty cum slut is missing something and begin spraying hot, thick cummies over your face, getting it all over your face and hair, over the words written on you till your face is covered like the little cumslut whore that you want to be for daddy.

So wet reading this MMM I wanna be daddy's little cum slut 💋

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