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New to 24/7

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My fiance and I are new to trying 24/7 in our relationship, but neither of us are strangers to BDSM in general. We don't want to jump in too fast or too hard and get burnt out or turned off from it so we are looking for small changes we can start to make to our daily life. We only currently see each other on weekends because of work but we will be living together soon. I am the dom in our relationship so I am really looking for some advice on how to start our transition. Any advice/resource will be appreciated!


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Hi Yankee. Slow is the key start of with contact rules lets say by text letting you know what she is doing, going when she arrives and so on .I see that as a good start and not over whelming see how that goes then move from there. One thing to remember there are no hard fast rules to 24/7 D/s just build on make her feel safe .C

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As always Chris your advice is on point....yes Yankee slow wins the race....and as Mr C so rightly points out there are no hard fast rules...just the connection that you two will share and engage in....patience is the virtue you BOTH need to seek in YOUR journey...it will allow you both to thrive and enhance your dynamic...best wishes to you both
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Perhaps an outsider to demonstrate on?

the best thing about any kind of relationship where you're already interested in exploring together is the two of you set ALL the rules.

Any guides on the web on protocol or whatever can be useful, but really - it's about you.

Take things in your own times.  What you don't want to do is something like, I dunno, a severe punishment because dinner is 5 minutes late.  Especially not in the first month.  

A lot of boundaries you can work on together, but - there's always initially a few small changes that could be made, like giving instructions on what to eat or wear.  To do a lot of more playful things early on to gauge what works and what doesn't.

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