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Alriiiiiiiight" he exhaled "Let's talk about something while we are all here now. Shawna thought Daddy had made a decision and Kia was finally in. But he started with "You both know that safety is very important to me. So when you put yourself at risk to get hurt, that makes me angry." He said, staring at Shawna dead in her eyes! "So let me get the story straight." Daddy says as he motions for her to come closer. Shawna, you were getting threatening messages from your daughter's father and instead of coming to me, you went to Kia?"
" But Daddy, I..."
"You know better than to interrupt me. Like I was saying, you went to Kia. Then she helped you decide that it wasn't important enough to tell me about it. So you let it go, as a "secret" but y'all allowed this fool to show up to my house, threatening you and don't tell me anything about it. Do I have it right so far?"
"Daddy, it wasn't...."
"That doesn't sound like a yes or a no. Kia, do I have it right so far?"
"Yes Sir." They were looking at each other like how did he find out?
"Thank you. So now you two were basically ready to take all of that to the grave! Until I said something about it! Then you BOTH! lied to my face and to add fuel to the fire, you
BOTH! do not want to tell me what happened when he was here?" "Your right Sir" Shawna replied. "It's too late now. I have my own way to make you talk. Now I want both of you to go up to the bedroom, remove your clothing down to your panties and find a corner until I get up there. I want you bent over with your hands behind your knees and face on the floor" He demanded!
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