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Advice about starting out as a little

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Hey I'm a trans little who's only really just really come open about my like for being a little and wanting a caregiver.  I've never had any mommy's or daddy's before and was wondering not only how to go about getting one but just any general advice on DDlg.  Don't want to end up doing something wrong and stuff.  Sorry if this is an awkward question.

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Never hesitate to ask and learn more about the world of BDSM and Fetish. as with any relationship, be it vanilla, BDSM or DDlg, every relationship is as unique as the people involved. my advice is always the same thing on any relationship, comunicate and be honest, tell people what you would like to try, what interests you about your kinks, what aspects would you like to learn more about? i'm new to a DDlg relationship myself and i am learning a lot about my little, from what i gatherz it's all about attention and nurturing with a little discipline and routine. and as always make sure your profile is up to date, put up a personal ad as they will give you most exposure to potential matches on Fetish.com


Also give this a good  read, the magazine is chock full of useful information


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Being trans and getting a daddy lover wont be that hard to get,
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