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A visit to Daddy’s work


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You know you’re supposed to be Christmas shopping but you haven’t been able to concentrate at all because you’ve been ridiculously horny all week. You decide you’re going to surprise Daddy at work and hopefully get some special kisses and touches to help your needy little pussy. Daddy knows you’re downtown so you’re sure he will be happy to see you. You ring the doorbell to his office and you melt as you hear his voice yell to come in. The receptionist area is empty except for a folded note that says read me. You open the paper and there are a series of instructions for you. The note says to double lock the door behind you; get undressed, put on the silk blindfold in the top desk drawer and kneel in the Nadu position and await further instructions. There was a towel on the floor which you correctly assumed was where you were to kneel. Reading the instructions made you instantly wet but you smiled knowing you were smart enough to always bring extra panties when visiting Daddy.

Once you completed the instructions, you waited patiently as you heard the door to Daddy’s office open and you heard footsteps approaching you which you hoped belong to Daddy but the Daddy’s Little Slut inside you wouldn’t have complained if there was a surprise visitor joining you as well. You felt hands touching you, petting your hair, brushing your nipples, stroking your skin and there was a nervous excitement since you still weren’t sure if it was daddy’s touch. You felt a hand on your pussy which by now was dripping wet and you heard the warmth in Daddy’s voice as he inspected how wet you were. I see someone is a good girl for Daddy. Your eyes beamed behind the silk blindfold and you smiled from ear to ear proud of how your body always responded to daddy’s touch and how happy it makes him. Of course Daddy, you reply.

Suddenly, you feel Daddy’s big strong hand grip your throat and apply pressure. Your mind and thoughts drift away as you lean into it and the dizzzy light show it provides your closed eyes. It never stops amazing you how quickly Daddy can get you so deeply into subspace. You’re helped up and led into Daddy’s office and brought over to the big leather couch. You’re worried it’s going to be cold on your naked body but of course Daddy put down a blanket first; he takes such good care of you. You sit down in Daddy’s lap and feel his strong arms wrap around you and you begin kissing him. I missed you so much Daddy, you have no idea!! Mmm you feel his fingers teasing your clit and playing with your pussy.. tell me about it Princess he replied. You stammer a bit because it’s getting harder and harder to concentrate. You try to tell him how horny you’ve been and how much you missed his special kisses and special touches but you realize that all that’s coming out of your mouth are moans of pleasure. The moans intensify as you’re about to have your first of many orgasms and you ask Daddy if you can please cum. Instead of a quick yes, daddy lifts you up by your ass off his lap and when he lowers you back down you feel his cock slide inside you. Daddy says this is what my horny little slut really needs, he says. Oh fuck yes (you get spanked for cursing but you don’t care) you start riding daddy’s cock and grinding your clit against it. Harder and faster. Bouncing up and down. Please can I cum Daddy?, you ask. And Daddy tells you to cum with him. Daddy is about to fill your belly with Daddy’s cummies. Yes please. And you squeeze your pussy tight and you feel daddy explode inside you. Both of your bodies shaking in climax together. Daddy hugs you tighter and you continue grinding against him. You take a minute recuperating and Daddy tells you to be a good girl and clean up Daddy’s cock.
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