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A day out in the forest with Daddy - Part 4


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She wriggled as he moved his hands to her waist, gently rolling down her panties to her thighs.

Her excitement climbed as she felt him undressing her and her movements became more pronounced.

Barely able to contain himself from the sensation of her tongue swirling around his penis, he lifted and pushed her back by the shoulders. A trail of saliva dripped down her chin and between her breasts.

She looked up at him, panting and aghast, her knickers now stretched between her knees. He reached out to her ankles, bring them together and lifting up her legs. She fell back, her hands pushing the hair out of her face as she did.

He dextrously slid her, now soaked, underwear over her calves and off her wiggling feet. Her delicate ankles hidden by her cute pink socks.

With one hand firmly grasping each ankle, he spread her legs either side of him, still holding her panties in his hand. He trailed them over her clitoris, up over her perfectly shaven mound and up her belly.

She giggled, moving a finger to her mouth and biting it playfully.

"Say 'Ahh' for me, Babygirl" he said softly. She complied as he continued the course between her breasts until she could feel the wetness on her chin.

"Tongue out!" he said with a glint in his eye.

Her tongue touched her panties and she squirmed with anticipation. He pressed them into her mouth, ensuring that the inside laid on her tongue; he wanted her to taste everything.

He collected some more of the material and pushed it further her mouth before slowly kissing her cheek, then neck, tracing a line over her nipples, down over her tummy and pausing at her thighs.

She pushed her hips up to meet him, staring down as best she could past the knickers in her mouth. He glanced up at her and their eyes met just as his tongue slid inside her.

Grabbing her thighs firmly, he teased and toyed with his tongue, flicking over her clit before plunging as deep as he could.

Her moans were muffled as he pushed her knees up to her chest, his tongue moving further down over her perineum before circling her delicate little flower.

She inhaled deeply and her eyes lit up as she felt him press inside her again, his nose getting wet from her juices.

Eventually he moved his focus to her clitoris again, sucking on it as two of his fingers slipped easily inside her. Her hips bucked against him and he looked up at her, his tongue still pressing against her quivering womanhood.

After a while he maneuvered himself beside her, his fingers still exploring inside, she turned to look at him.

She sighed gently as he removed his hand and brought it to his lips, wryly tasting her before taking the gag from her mouth.

She closed her mouth to savour the flavour before she gave in to her craving.

"Please fuck me, Daddy!" she exclaimed, a slightly worried look in her eyes. She knew what was to come if she said that. She could see the grin spreading across his face already.

He wasn't done yet.


(Part 5 anyone?)

Mmmm yes, yes please, keep the stories coming 😈

I am thoroughly enjoying this story. Pleas keep going! 


Think I may implode after reading this 🥵🤯

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