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New to the Lifestyle, searching for Dom advice


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I’m new to the lifestyle, but I’ve always been more of a dominant personality within my social circles.  I’m doing my own research and learning about this as I go.  I’m looking for more experienced people in the lifestyle to help guide me into what should be expected of a Dom.

well to start, its not because you have a dominant personality in life that make you a Dom? just like I am good at cooking so I want to open a restaurant? so try to understand the submissive side first then maybe learn how to be a Dom after,

Dominant Personality socially does not necessarily equal Dominant.

The first question - and this is where in invoke my inner Lucifer - what is it you really desire?

What about the lifestyle appeals to you?  Look within yourself about what it is that attracted you to this.

You are going to have to do a little homework, this isn't being unhelpful - but there's often people who turn up a little bit lost and if they're too lost then it often ends with a lot of people trying to help and ultimately finding the person then decides the lifestyle isn't really for them.

Google is your friend - there are good articles on this website - do a little homework to what you think you're looking for and this will help shape knowing what you need to be.

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