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How to start a role play conversation


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When is the best time to start the adventure? When the person first hints that they want to role play. 
Be creative and assume the topic.

Ask your player what role they want to participate in?

Ask for  Subtle details as in move slowly or straight to the point of the plot  


what are your thoughts on how to proceed on how to pleasure or surprise and fantasize your partner.


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As with any kinky activity, ensure that you've obtained enthusiastic, informed consent. Even something as relatively harmless as roleplay might contain triggers so I would always set out the parameters clearly first.
If I'm to assume this is regarding having pre established consent and interest in this expressed....I prefer move in slowly, tease and play with them. Fun things include: wordplay, acting as if you're about to go to the action then stopping and acting 'normal' within the roleplay....things like that
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A very well detailed role play is key have the key point information at the beginning. When starting select roles,age,clothing,set the sense, Know limits. Including the small details makes for a hotter more satisfying experience. 

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