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How much time or how long do you prep and get ready for role play?
Depends on the roleplay honestly sometimes a day or two but if it’s an in depth rp, specific time, place +build up maybe 2-3 wks
That all depends on what you two are going for. Teacher / student, Dr. / patient type of role play, in my opinion, really doesn't need to much prep and shit ya know, with that you just do you. Now, if you're shooting for a legit kinky abduction/intruder or something that involves a 3rd, me personally, I like to game plan the shit outta.
I say the devil is in the detail, do you want to give your partner a eyes wide shut sort of experience settings, music, masks and maybe a some reading for yourself to get into that mood that requires time and preparation. Want a cheap outfit and fool around the bedroom a bit, that needs couple shots of jack daniels. 😊
A good question OP !

For me, it depends on how intricate and detailed the roleplay is. I tend to spend a bit of time getting to know a new sub anyway. I don’t tend to rush into meets, because I enjoy the “getting to know you” process. And that bleeds over into roleplay scenarios also.

I’ve run sessions after a couple of weeks of chat, and a couple of coffee meets to chat through things -
Equally, I have been chatting with someone for three years now about her particular fantasy scenario - which is so intricate and detailed that it may never actually be physically be possible to carry out. Still trying to set it up though !

The more detailed you can be, the better the experience will be - that is a certainty.

Asking questions is the key here.

For example:

A sub tells me she wants to be tied, blindfolded and teased with a wand…

So the questions are:

What do you want to be restrained with?… is it leather, or silk ? Is it rope ? Is the rope rough or smooth ?
Is the blindfold soft, cool against your skin ? - or is it again rough, like hessian ?
What is the effect you are trying to achieve…is it a sensual experience - or a feeling of jeopardy or *** you are wanting ?
Is the room cold - or warm ?
Take away the visual, and the other senses are enhanced…. Sounds, smells even can be important.

I have one ‘friend’ who cannot stand to smell scents of Sandalwood, Leather or Tobacco on her Dom…. Due to bad experiences with a former partner. Those scents when she is blindfolded take her back to a very abusive time in her life.

The small details make the experience… always.

Ask questions - they pay dividends.
I hope this helps.
Would really depend do you want clean no make up in plain panties or full glam & dressed up. Is it a character you want to try to get lost in will the roll take time
All depends on the game
No need to prep or get ready if you're always in character lol 😎😉
I'm looking to be own collared dolled up sweating horny being dominated
After doing this for a while I have four or five good scenes that I can prepare for in a day. I can adjust the level of intensity depending on their experience. I always have them fill out a questionnaire ahead of time and meet in person so I know what they like what they don’t like and what they are willing to try and what is a hard no. With that information, I can usually create an amazing experience for my sub. As I get to know them better, I start doing more intricate scenes that are specifically designed for them. Those can take a long time to build. The good news for me is I enjoy being creative and building kinky scenes that will drive my sub crazy. It turns me on so it doesn’t feel like work and preparation. It feels like private sexy time for me. And then when I get to actually deliver it, that is the best part of all. 
Been a long while since I did an RP scene. Or one with any serious RP. I'd say it depends on the parameters. A group or serious play scene for example could take weeks of planning and prepping. Or you could just dive right in with a cheeky disguise and bit of flair. Haha
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