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I enter the room 

You are kneeling facing the wall in panties and a thin t shirt wearing cuffs on your ankles and wrists. 

I pull your wrists behind you and clip them together then drag you to your feet by your hair 

I place my denim short clad package in your hands. 

And reach round to grab your neck to pull you towards me

whispering in your ear “today you’re going to be my little fucktoy” my tingling breath on your neck

 I run my hands down over your hard nipples erect under the tshirt, my left hand stopping to tease, the right one continuing down over your hip tracing and teasing around your waistband before sliding inside your panties and playing with your moist pussy 

“Ahhh I see you’re ready for me good little fucktoy” 

Suddenly I thrust my hands up to your neck line and tear the tshirt open and begin playing with your nipples, slowly and tantalisingly kissing your neck 

You let out a moan and crumple slightly from the sensation and begin to try to unbutton my shorts 

I pull my hard cock away and to the side 

“Did I give you permission to remove my shorts?”

“No sir, sorry sir please” 

I pull away “No you may not “ 

Going to the desk I pick up your collar, a lead and a blindfold from the desk and put them on you 

Then grabbing your hair and using the lead to turn you around i force you to your knees my cock stiffening even more at the sight of your delicious tits  

I undo the buttons and my shorts fall to the floor and taking my hardness in hand i rest it on your lips 

“Open your mouth “

“Yes sir “

I force my cock into your mouth 

“I’ll be nice to you and just let you suck it like a good girl to start” 

you take to the task obediently working your tongue and lips around me 

“Ahhh I can see you’re going to be a good girl today “



7 hours ago, Christian-2070 said:
Nice episode! More to come?

Second part is up more to come soon hopefully when the muse descends

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