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Training of my slave. Part 6. A week-end to remember ! A set of anal plugs


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I return about an hour later. An hour for you to think in the dark about what lies ahead.
As a gift, a set of 4 plugs, from the smallest (it's all relative) to the biggest, to prepare you for what's to come.
I present them to you by placing them on the floor in front of you. The cage is holding your head so tightly that you can't look at anything but the floor.
SO I release your head and put the first plug ahead of you.

- Take it in your hands and place it on the floor. It must not move. Only your head can move.
- Spit on it, lick it, suck it.

You know it's the only lubricant you'll have before it disappears up your ass.
And you know you only have a limited amount of time, so you don't waste any time and after spitting on it a few times, you make it disappear into your mouth. You've become real good at this.

- Keep the whole thing in your mouth. Stick out your tongue to lick the ground.Pull the nappy up to lick the f
You do it. Really an expert now.
 You pull back breathlessly and a stream of saliva connects your lips to the plug.
- Do it again!
- Yes Master!

And this time I put my foot on the back of your neck and lower you all the way down, holding you in place more than is probably sensible. Until I feel your head pushing to come back up. Well, to be honest, even a few seconds more. Until you start to cough. You don't give the orders. You can't just think you can say when it is over. It must be printed in your subconscious: you just take orders.
I take the plug and go for your ass.
I see you spread your legs. An horny bitch who wants to be taken.
I push the plug in without the slightest hesitation and it results in you moaning. *** ? Please ? Both ?
I can't stop playing with it, moving it back and forth, and I can see that it only takes a few seconds for your sex to be completely wet  again.
- You're such a bitch!
- Yes, master, I'm your bitch.
- Good girl! And is there anything else you need? I mean except getting fucked, because that I know. You are a fuck toy so I know you always want to get fucked. But I was more thinking about drink, food, anything?
- Master, if you'd be so kind as to bring me something to eat, I'd be extremely grateful.
- You know you have to fulfill a promise for every request? More or less difficult.
- I know that, Master, and I'm grateful to you. I want to prove to you that I'm worthy of obeying you, worthy of your trust. I want to show you that you can ask anything of me and expect that I would do it.  I completely  understand that I must pay for everything. Like a slave should.
- Wait for me, I'll be back soon with food and I'll tell you what you have to do before having permission to eat


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Also English is not my language so, even if I try hard (no pun intended), I make mistakes. If you wanna correct me (no pun intended, I so much prefer the opposite) and my next writings, please dm me. It would be great :)


This series deals with both the training of my slave and the special arrangement, in parallel, of a separate room (you could call it a dungeon, but I don't like this term).
You need to imagine an empty space, and each story will see appear a new object.
Part 1: Sofa
Part 2: Large wooden table
Part 3: Bonds of attachment
Part 4 : Set of dildos
Part 5: Cage

Where can I read part 1-5
This is my favorite yet! I can’t wait to read what you make her do in order to be allowed to eat!!
4 hours ago, phoenix11091 said:

Where can I read part 1-5

The links are at the bottom of the story ;)

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