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Rules and punishments


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Hey everyone! 

I would love to hear what kind of rules and punishments you've got in your DDlg, MDlb or CGl relationship you've got? 

Me and my daddy are pretty "lazy" with rules and punishments, we take it day by day. Although we did write down some rules and punishments but they disappeared magically (fun for the person finding them haha) 

So, let me know :D

What are some of the rules you've come up with so far?

We are kinda doing it as it comes. If I misbehave he warns me and if I still misbehave he might deny me snacks, soda, sex or tv. When I apologize he always reassure me of that I am a good girl and then he might reward me with something that he earlier denied me. We are still kinda new to the whole dynamic and since we live on different continents still and only meet 50% of a year we're working things out. I would for example love time outs and a lot of other things but it will probably be easier after I've moved to the states 

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i like to learn more 2 ... message me ur blog

my fav punishments r


anal sex [rougher than usual]


[Daddy currently without a little]


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