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Tenderness first..


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Am I alone in feeling love and tenderness comes first, treating a woman with tenderness, love and respect before moving on to more, I feel this is the way for a woman to learn and trust who you are before moving onto kink or such


it's a common thought - but does read as a "text book" answer rather than a reality.

if you already know you're kinky and you meet someone who is also kinky - then "hey, let's get to know and trust each other before moving onto kink" seems a bit of a thumb twiddling exercise/  You can get to know and trust somebody THROUGH kink.

if you already know you're kinky and meet somebody who is not kinky, then perhaps spending time to build that trust before raising kink within relationship - this could be a good move.  One thing to consider is how you'll respond if this isn't something that will interest her.   Can you still be happy in that relationship?

However - a common piece of advice I've seen and agree with.  If you meet people as friends with genuinely no real motives, it can build up trust that may lead to different forms of kink. 


hundred types of submissions multiply by the numbers of differents personality add thousands of kinks then maybe you get some kind of formula.

so no love doesnt have to, I dont love my subs and most of them doesnt want it either. Care, trust ,respect, health safety are important, love bring drama, in my opinion of course unless you intend to be a couple...


simplistic view indeed for one of the most complex human emotion.

Love can hurt , make you cry, kill, commit suicide, frustrate, push people to limits, conquer fear etc...

When in love it takes you to the point of no return...

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