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Is Fetish . com the only genuine Website for us...I joined another website...a big mistake....ended up with being redirected to so many other websites  .!..After a lot of research they  all belong to a company based in Guernsey....I have had such a problem in trying to stop all the adds etc from getting through...Is it because we are seen as an easy way to make money from our loves...it seems so..!.The companies come under so many different names..!..But what led me to think...to late....was that virtually all the messages I was receiving seemed to be generated by a computer....phrases...etc...even the wording of the phrases...were identical in the messages I was receiving from supposedly different members.. I am going to have to do a complete clean of my computer etc and start from afresh...Be warned...I  have learnt a lesson ...and will stay with Fetish .com....and hope that things will work out for me....It is now at the stage where I am going to have to contact my bank to stop direct debits from one company that was eventually traced to be based in America...registered in Guernsney ...trading under 108 different aliases...Be warned.!.Stick with Fetish.com...Do NOT be Tempted to join any other website...If you are tempted....do your research...DO NOT click on an option for free membership as I did..!..Cassie

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Fetlife.com is also a good one. Not a dating site but a way to find others who are into the same things or connect with local people who are into kink/bdsm.

I think this was possibly along some of the things people were saying when you were saying you'd  joined other sites and getting many messages.   But yeah, always be cautious. 


Hi guys

You know straight away when the contact sites are just money making enterprises...

Usually they are funded by ads and your inundated with pop ups.

Then if you do click to proceed you get various kinds of membership deals ....all pay to play!

Thank goodness there are some sites that are more 'honest' about what they promote.

Good luck.

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