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I want to see all the footworshippers stand to attention 😋


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I want to know what makes you horny about feet? 

What is your fantasy with feet? 

Do you love oils and self care? 

Painted / plain

Slef pleasuring with feet? 

Food crushing? Jelly in wellies or socks?

Feet in water?

Feet in dirt? 

I want to know your desires around feet. 



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We love beautiful nails, toes painted, smell, long nails, food crushing, sometimes dirty soles, feet dangling and all things related to feet
I love the look of feet, especially in nylons/fishnets and heels. The thing that turns me on the most about them is watching my partners toes curl as she cums 🤤 oils are nice especially for a good fj. Painted and plain can both be sexy. Love the idea of seeing a woman self pleasure with her feet (brings other uses of that flexibility to mind too ;)) and my preference is clean feet but thats just me.
I love feet but not into 'worshipping' feet. I just love to touch them, rub them with my hands and 'other' things. Where it gets supercharged is for dirty feet. Dirty as in walked about barefoot for the day and then they are splattred by p*ss
I couldn't say exactly why I find feet attractive. I just have an uncontrollable urge to show them the love and adoration they deserve.
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I busted my feet up bad 10 yrs ago , i couldnt use them for most of a year . Ever since that accident i love feet they turn me on i like to give each toe a little bj massaging them with my mouth, tongue ,cock,and ass if allowed
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I can't remember a time when I wasn't attracted to pretty feet. My favorite are bare feet, shoes and stockings only get in the way. Painted toenails, the color really depends on the skin tone. I've been fortunate to have had many girlfriends who enjoyed me giving attention to their feet and let me do whatever I wanted.
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I love to look at cute feet. I love sucking toes and biting the soles. I always knew I enjoyed looking at girls feet even when I was young. I had a chance to suck my first toes at 18. The girl came to where I was working at night we hid and I sucked her toes about 5 minutes. I asked well how was it, she looked at me with OMG look k said what. She grabbed my hand and rubbed her pussy and it was dripping wet. I always was dating a girl once and I told her I like sucking toes, well she didn't like her feet and didn't want me to touch them. Fast forward a few months and she let me try it and she said I'm surprised and I hate to admit it but that felt amazing.

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I like getting a footjob and creaming over the toes and let it run down the sides, heels etc. I like clean painted toes and legs hurled over my shoulders so I can kiss and suck those cuties, preferably while penetrating. I do like to see bare feet and see dirty feet to clean with warm soap and water while nude. I would like to get sucked off while I cleaN the cute toesies I have a big toe that needs to used to penetrate. I have big size. Thirteen feet, so if a gal wants to worship fine, I'm open to it.
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