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Newbie, looking to connect with BDSM/Kink community in Guildford area

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Hi everyone, greetings & felicitations & that,

I'm new to the site and relatively new to the whole Kink scene, having discovered my kinks within the last year or so.  I'd really like to connect with like-minded people in my area but can't find a Munch, and really don't know who to contact or how to get started.   My motivation here is really to engage with a community and learn, not necessarily hookup, as I assume that's what the site is for! (although that would be nice...)  Really just interested in getting more insight into the mindset, other people's kinks (and my own!) and maybe learning some new skills...for example, would love to learn rope bondage! 

So if anyone is able to point me in the direction of a Munch or any kind of social / community engagement in the Guildford/Woking/Surrey area in general I'd be really grateful! 


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