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I have never been to a munch before, even after quite a few years of being a kinkster. I'm getting curious about them and what they have to offer beyond somewhere to network and chat with like minded folks (which might be enough reasons for me to go)
Can someone please let me have their pros and cons to munches bases on own experiences?
I'm not even sure there is one near where I live but traveling isn't an issue.

Some of the Pros and Cons can be down to individual munches rather than munches on the whole

But everyone in the group/room is into kink to one description or another so you know assorted conversations are safe

this also means you can share in others knowledge and experience

making friends is good

as some cons

it might be depending on what others are into you don't quite feel like you fit in with them (but it can still give insight into their dynamics = boosts overall knowledge)

some people struggle and find some a bit cliquey

it can run expensive, a bit travel a bit scran a couple of drinks - and take a few events before things really start to flow

I guess it's also another way to get exposed to dramas - some of which you wouldn't care about

-You will going to meet people you can spend hours just talking.
-Also you will hear a couple of unique scentences from folks you wouldn't expect.
Example: "... last week I finished transforming my garage into a dungeon "
I heard that from a 60+ years old gentleman once.
-people are well mannered and open for discussions.
-no smalltalk
-Lots of people if you are introvert and find it hard to be in crowded places it will be difficult to attend.(I have ADHD and i pick up almost every sound, voice in the room and it can be exhausting for me to be in the same room whit 20+ other people talking simultaneously)
I host a munch on a monthly basis. It is a great way to meet fellow kinksters in a PUBLIC and relaxed atmosphere. You can learn SO much from having an open conversation with people. It is very refreshing not having to censor oneself too. I am happy to point people in the direction they don't know they need yet. Ie groups, workshops or people in particular. If you are feeling a tad anxious, reach out to the Host. It is always good to have someone to look out for/look out for you too. :)
After years of not going to munches, I figured I might be missing out, so tried it.
There might meet a kinkster there that’s just right for you.
Provides real life validation that kinky is okay.
Singles may be ‘looking’. There might even be a singles munch.
You will initially be considered either competitor or predator, this will continue until you’ve been to a few munches and made some friends.
Consider: If you were in a LTR, would you go to munches, what’s your motivation.
So, read all the guidance notes and go, what do you have to loose?
Munchies are cool. Good way to meet people
I’m sLao in same boat! But don’t have a clue we’re to start?.. are they invite only or can you turn up ? Do u have to be partnered up or can you attend single? Amy advice is appreciated
Munches are also a safe place to meet a new potential partner
Big waste of time in my experience. Bunch of adults being "naughty" because they all like kink.

Munches were and always have been an epic idea to get people introduced to others in the scene and the scene in generall.

Like most things there are good and bad, most are excellently run, have newbie meet and greet so your not swamped by seasoned kinksters or predators.

They are a hell of a lot safer to meet like minded people than clubs or play events advertised.   

Try and find out about local ones, people that run them are or should always be open to a message asking questions, you may have, prior to taking the plunge.

It takes time for people to trust you and you them, so don't expect or be an eager beaver wanting to find someone to play with instantly.

Good run ones once you start becoming a regular, you will soon make some genuine friends, which in time always helps to open doors to other potential meets, but it also gets you real persona out there and not hiding behind the computer.

Just be patient and honest with people and they will respect you in time.  



All the munches are ordinary things, nothing special,. like a local book club. You turn up, say hello to a bunch of strangers who have a common interest (ours pretends to be a Dr Who and scifi appreciation club) and that's ait really. Nobody turns up in their latex and nipple clamps, they're usually run in a local pub. Its the vanilla, social side of things. You talk to people - not about kink often, just socialise. The kink stuff comes naturally as any social gathering, if and when it comes up. If you want more than socialising then you can find out about adult events or venues whilst there, and those will be a lot of naughty stuff, but they are not munches.

FL says there are 2 munches in Northampton and another in Corby.
To expect anymore than a social gathering with like-minded people is misunderstanding a munch.
As previous posts have expressed there are good ones and bad ones.
I tend to find what you are prepared to put into one you will likely receive similar back,, so go with an open mind and attitude and put yourself in the mix, talk, listen, discuss, learn.
I think it really depends upon where you live and who organizes the munch.

In general, it is a way to meet people that may have similar interests/kinks as you. You can hear about other functions (training sessions/parties/etc.) when going to munches and in some cases, you have to know someone to be “allowed” to attend these events, which often times can be simply being a regular at a munch.

I did not have a great experience when attending my first munch. It’s not like I was shunned, but I did not feel very welcome. What really made me make note of that is when I had a submissive/female friend who wanted to go. The gentleman hosting the munch actually came up and introduced himself (whereas I had to seek him out). He also made sure that his sub as well as other subs came up and introduced themselves to my friend. The way my friend (who was with me) was treated was substantially different than the way I was treated. Note that I took another female submissive friend and she was also treated as my first friend was. I don’t know why they treated me so much different than my friends, but it definitely turned me off to attending their munch.
Where would one find munches in one’s city or town?
5 hours ago, xstrex said:

Where would one find munches in one’s city or town?

findamunch website is the most comprehensive directory

some find fetlife also to be a little easier to view listings


Sunday at 04:25 AM, xstrex said:
Where would one find munches in one’s city or town?

FetLife seems to have a lot of that!

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I didn’t know what a munch was until I read this comment thread and now I really really wanna go to one lol
I have recently attended my very first munch on my own, it was nerve racking and it would have definitely be less so if I was with someone or knew someone. I go there about half an hour in and the place had a good amount of people and as the night got on it became very loud and hard to talk. The only time I felt uncomfortable was when I first got there and didn't know how to approach people or strike up a convo but after that people I spoke to were friendly and welcoming. I would definitely go again and hopefully the more I go the more people I will meet and make some like minded friends.
I started attending them this year. At least around here they’ve been some of the most open welcoming and sex positive groups I’ve ever been to. Even helping to build a local one from scratch now
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