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Feet in public


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So I had a thought but I duno if it's a good idea or  just a ridiculous one so any response would be helpful. So basically if I was in public and held a sign up, and it said earn yourself a free 10er for a 60 second foot licking from myself.  How many people would stop and earn the free 10er?

A few mate could be anyone doh lol nice imagination impractical jokers uk did something like that best off luck

interesting concept - but a few problems.

Legally - a minefield.  One person cottons what you're doing and calls the police and there's a number of angles they could try to arrest you for.

Also legally - under discrimination laws you would be very limited to who you can reasonably refuse.  So again, when an ugly fat man with horrid feet is turned down by you and places a complaint you're a bit buckled.

Also, the risk of being passed by anyone you know.

And, of course, it doesn't need a journalist. In the age of camera phones it's very easy to suddenly find yourself photo'd or filmed and included in the press or viral media.

Of course, this may sound appealing - but it has it's own consequences.  Imagine others who know you seeing this and then feeling negative towards you. 

If of course, you are an established TV show - it's a lot easier to have limited consequences to yourself.

Ultimately, if you do have money to burn to indulge your foot fetish choices include, but are not limited to; pay a Pro, attend a foot party, go to somewhere more discreet like a fetish party.

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