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Advice and tips needed

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there's been a lot of similar threads on and off - and - some input.

Being the best Dom for your sub differs from a relationship to relationship basis - and so there's no one-size-fits advice.

I'd say try to find out what your mutual interests are.  That's a good starting point - it may then be a case of "OK, we both like this - but where do we go?"   or it could be a very simple starting point.    There will be a lot of trial and error and so it's very important not necessarily to avoid mistakes but to learn how to bounce back from them.

As I say, there are similar threads and I do recommend having a read through some magazine articles here and also some of the forum - there'll be plenty of others' tales.   

But yep, certainly as a starting point, sit down to discuss what you're both interested in.  Focus on what you know first before looking into learning what you don't


Hi there, I second whay eyamblacksheep says but something that helped me when I started out was to meet other couples in a D/s relationship to see how their dynamics worked. I'm not advocating copying them but its useful to see how it works in real life and there maybe bits of it you can incorporate into your relationship

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