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Gender Options on Fetish.com


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Hey Kinksters!

We strive to be as inclusive as possible, and are aware there is a whole spectrum of genders we may identify with. Due to technical restrictions, there are only 5 options available when registering on Fetish.com. We're currently asking all members to share their thoughts with us:

In addition to Male, Female and Couple, in your opinion, which options allow us to cover the most?

  • Trans M2F and Trans F2M
  • Trans and Non-binary
  • Non-binary and Genderqueer
  • Genderqueer and Trans

Or, is there any other combination of two genders you find to be more inclusive? Write them below and share your thoughts on this issue!

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I have NO PROBLEM with Genderqueer and Trans People!


not something which affects me - but, my wife is non-binary so I asked their opinion.

She has said Trans and Non Binary. (if it can be only 2) 

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As I am a trans man myself I think it's important to have the distinction between trans men and trans women (also non-binary people would appreciate some inclusion)
Trans on its own is not a gender and we are not all the same (also there's a distinct preference for trans women on fetish spaces - not going to start a discussion on that can of worms - and I bet they wont like finding me wen looking fora trans woman)
I've been having some problems with my photos being deleted and I noticed on the rules that your photos might be removed if you dont fit the gender you selected. That means that mods get to look at people and decide whether they look the gender they say they are, that's a biiig problem with trans people, bigger than most people think :/ I get that it's a problem that doesnt affect most people, but if you want an inclusive site that makes people comfortable, you have to offer options so everyone can be who they are. If you can identify yourself as a Dom or a sunmissive, you should be able to express your gender as well.
These were my two cents :)

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