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***d orgasm on girl - any experience?


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I think I am not alone with the fantasy of ***d orgasm, but so far I have no direct experience with it. 

With a new submissive joining us, it looks like she is the best shot so far. Does anyone have any practical tip? 

What I am talking about is not so much forcing the orgasm when the sub is in no mood, rather forcing her to have multiple orgasms in succession. Some pause between one and the next seem essential. I have seen what appear to be genuine videos of girls tied to a vibrator left on, but I am doubtful of this technique. 



tying someone to a form of vibrator is an effective trick.

the better the vibrator, the more effective.   A sybian, for example, she sits on and it just keeps going and going.

you can use the vibrator by hand to keep it going - a problem with it being tied is it can sometimes slip from the best positions.    Though, I did have fun once having my wife wear a large harness which I could use to hold it in place and give her the mobility to move without it slipping.     

Of course, depending on your other interests this can also work for denial - have her tied spread eagle and a vibrator turned on *just* a few inches too far.... 

Buy a wand not battery but plug in my tiggs didn't orgasm be for me , and now she begs me to stop 😈

Yes, in principle it's easy. 

But reality often tends to be slightly different than fantasy, and what I found out is that the girls I played with get uncomfortably sensitive after the first orgasm, so some sort of pause is necessary between the rounds of stimulation.

I am interested in exploring whether this pause can be gradually brought down in time (currently a few minutes are needed, 10 more like than 5).

There is always the option of a remote control vibrator which would give the other person full control, start, stop, speed etc

You definitely have to have a break between them. I can easily have five or six orgasms in a regular session. Maybe more, I've never had a partner able to keep up. But if the orgasms are ***d back to back, I am way too sensitive to make it to the third one and it gets ***ful.

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I have a fucking machine that I have used mant times on my sub/wife for ***d Orgasms. Restrained in the doggie position to receive the machine which I have found the best. The machine revs can be slowed right down directly after an orgasm and then the revs increased again repeat this process for as long as required. I ***d 29 Orgasms from my sub. She was instructed to call out as her orgasm arrived. 


Every girls clit is different in terms of how sensitive it is - some need intensely high power, others need a subtler vibration or they just go completely numb and therefore an orgasm is impossible. So to achieve ***d orgasms I'd suggest watching her make herself cum, asking her to be descriptive and elicit. Also some girls go insanely sensitive after cumming and may find it impossible to cum again without a substantial break. Others can cum over and over and over until finally allowed to stop. So be realistic with your expectations - for some girls coming a second time would be a significant success in forcing that orgasm...others will be begging to stop after 30 because they're beyond exhausted. 

I read, and have since witnessed it to be true, that when a sub reaches her physical limits (not just with orgasm but with other forms of play) that they begin to sweat and not due to being overheated. So that's something you can look out for. 


Hope this has been helpful


I really like what DaisyMae wrote, and I'd only add that (depending on how well suited she is for vaginal) you could alternate: vibrator on clit, orgasm, something vaginal, orgasm if possible, back to clit, etc. I found it very effective, but women are annoyingly different from one another :):confused:

And quality of vibrators is obviously super important. I've researched this extensively cause I'm planning to build my own system. 

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Yes, my wife has been on our fucking machine for 45 mins with the machine making her orgasm 29 times in that period. She took it doggie and once she was comfortable her orgasms were coming one after the other. Although they were not ***d as such, the power the machine took her to new amounts she had never had before. It can be done 


I did this without realising one of the first times I actually engaged with someone who would later become my sub; I didn't know how to know for sure they had come and were satisfied so I had no idea they had come at all until they tapped out telling me that 10 orgasms was enough.

It's something I'd like to replicate sometime with proper planning and communication with another sub, if the opportunity arises, in my experiences it can be very fun.

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