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Punishment (m dom, f sub)


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The dom is sitting on a chair and has his naked sub kneeling on the ground in front of him. He has a toy in his hand and he sees his little one carefully scanning it, wondering what her dom has planned for tonight.
“I wanna watch you tonight baby. I want you to ride the toy like if it was daddy’s cock,” the dom finally says.
The sub is surprised, they have never done anything like this. She is already blushing at the thought of it. How is she gonna look like. Like a needy mess that’s for sure.
“Uhh uhh okie daddy,” the sub finally answers.
First the dom places the toy on her lips, she knows what that means and take the toy in her mouth making it all wet.
„Now will you be a good girl and hold it for yourself, doll? I want you on your knees, riding the toy like the needy baby you are,“ the dom instructs his sub.
She takes the toy and start rubbing the tip up and down her wet pussy before she slowly *** it inside her, whining quietly.
„Look up, I want to see you,“ the dom commands and she looks up at him slowly, her face already red, „hmm good girl, now start moving,“ he says.
The little one starts moving up and down on the toy letting out moans that are getting louder with each move. She can see the bulge in her dom’s pants and the lust in his eyes. But he’s holding back and not touching her, just watching. She misses his touch, she is not used to not feeling his hand all over herself when they play.
„Daddy please,“ she mumbles needily, asking for his touch.
„Please what, doll?“ He teases her even tho he is pretty sure he knows what his little one wants.
„Please touch me daddy, please,“ she begs.
„Where little one? Show me. Touch yourself like you want me to touch you,“ he says.
She whines and wants to complain before she notices her daddy’s raised eyebrows and a warning look. Then she complies and starts touching herself, imagining those are daddy’s hands and fingers. First she starts with her nipples, pinching and pulling on them, making herself moan even louder. After she played with her nipples for a bit she moves her hand down slowly and starts rubbing her clit. It’s almost too much. It feels too good. She lets out a loud moan.
„Daddyyy please,“ she whines and squeezes the dom’s thigh with her free hand, looking for some kind of support.
„Look at you, you look like such a needy slut. What do you want baby, tell me,“ her daddy smirks, knowing exactly what’s happening. His doll is close.
„C-can I c-cum daddy, p-pleasee,“ she whines out, being unbelievably close. But instead of a permission she gets hard strict „no“ from her daddy, making her whine even louder, getting her even more desperate. She stops touching her clit as she tries to hold her orgasm.
„Did I say you can stop? Do you think I would stop?“ the dom says, making her start touching herself again.
„Daddy please, I can’t hold it anymore,“ she begs him again.
„You can, be a good girl and hold it,“ he says calmly. The complete opposite of the breathy whines the little one lets out.
„No-oh I-I can’t, I’m s-sorry, daddy,“ she whines loud as she cums without permission. Her legs are shaking, her eyes tightly shut and her hand is almost ***fully squeezing her daddy’s thigh as she slowly comes down from her high. She slides the toy out and kneels in front of her daddy, looking down at her thighs, playing with her fingers nervously.
„I’m sorry, daddy,“ she mumbles and looks up at him, expecting disappointment in his eyes. But all she sees is slight amusement, almost excitement. Like he knew she couldn’t make it.
„Tsk tsk, such a needy baby, cumming whenever she wants. We need to work on that,“ he says and gets up, offering his hand to his sub to help her get up as well. Her legs are a bit wobbly from the long kneeling but he holds her waist and pulls her to the bed, making her sit on it.
„Hmm hmm what am I gonna do with you, my needy doll. Lay down for me, would you?“ He says and she is getting a bit suspicious about why is he being so sweet after she broke a rule. She lays on the bed and looks up at him, realizing he’s holding handcuffs. She didn’t even notice when he went to get them cause she was lost in her thoughts.
„Bend your knees and show me your hands,“ he commands and after she does so he ties her left ankle to her left wrist and the same thing on the other side. She is laying all exposed and restrained in front of him, not being able to move much.
„Daddy,“ she says nervously, squirming a bit.
„Are you okay, little one? Aren’t they too tight?“ The dom makes sure his sub is alright when he hears her nervous voice.
„Mhmm,“ she nods.
„Words baby, I wanna hear you,“ he says.
„Yes I’m okie, no they aren’t too tight,“ she mumbles.
„Good girl,“ he says and moves from the bed going to their ‚naughty drawer‘ picking two things from it. The nervous sub is desperately trying to see what he’s getting but she is not able to turn around. It doesn’t take long before she finds out. He gets back to stand in front of her and she sees a butt plug and a vibrator in his hands. She can feel herself get excited. Oh but she doesn’t know what plans he’s planning yet. He puts the toys down on the bed next to her and finally pays attention to her dripping pussy that is on full display.
„My my baby, are you this excited just after seeing those?“ He asks teasingly. She just blushes, not saying anything and the dom doesn’t really expects an answer. He starts running his fingers over her needy pussy, spreading the wetness before moving even lower, making her nice and wet everywhere. Then he takes the plug and places it on her lips.
„You know what to do baby,“ he says before she takes it in her mouth making it all wet. After a bit of her sucking on the toy he takes it out of her mouth and starts to slowly push it insider her, taking his time and making sure she is comfortable. He doesn’t even need to ask her, it is obvious thanks to the loud moans she is letting out. When the plug is almost in, stretching her out nicely the dom takes the vibrator and places it on her clit, making the poor little one moan even louder. He slowly pushes the whole plug in but keeps playing with it. She is dripping wet.
„Daddy p-please, I-I need to cum,“ she whines.
„Already baby? My little one is really needy today, isn’t she,“ he says, almost mocking her. And then he adds „you can cum“
But when she gets really close he stops playing with the plug and takes the vibrator off her clit.
„Daddy! Why did you do that!!“ She moans and pulls on the restraints. After few seconds he starts playing with her again but stops again when she gets close.
„What baby, you came without permission before and now, when I gave you permission, you are not cumming. I don’t understand what you want,“ he mocks her, knowing very well what he’s doing. And she realized this is her punishment. She is so sensitive, her whole body is begging for release but he won’t give it to her. When he pulls away for fourth or fifth time, she lost count, she almost yells at him. She is desperate.
„Please daddy don’t pull away, please. Please I need it. Please daddy I’ll do anything,“ the sub begs, felling like she can’t take this anymore.
„Desperate, huh?“ He chuckles and keeps going. This time he adds a few spanks on her pussy when he stops. That makes her squeeze her legs together which pulls on her wrists ***fully.
„I hope this will make you remember to not cum without permission, doll. Who owns you?“ He says as he ***s her legs apart again, adding few more spanks.
„You do daddy!!“ She yells and arches her back as he spanks her.
„That’s right. I do. You are mine. I am the only one that can make you feel this way. The only one who can touch you like this. The only one who can make you feel like this,“ the dom say, holding the vibrator to the sub’s clit again. But this time he doesn’t pull it away. The sub is nodding vigorously.
„Yes daddy!!“ She yells as she finally releases, feeling the orgasm ripping through her body. The restrains holding her in place make it even more intense. She feels like it’ll never end, feeling the waves of pleasure running through her body. He watches her slowly come down from her high.
„Now it’s my turn, baby,“ he mumbles as he quickly pulls down his boxers and slides his hard cock inside her and starts thrusting.
She moans loud „yes daddy!“ Happy she can finally feel him stretching her out. It doesn’t take long for the dom to be close too. He was ***fully hard after he played with her, seeing her dripping wet pussy and hearing her desperate moans almost made him crazy. And now he finally felt her tight pussy around him, even tighter as she still had the plug in. It didn’t take long for him to cum too, filling her up and making her his. He was laying on her for a bit, giving little kisses all over her face before he took the plug out, released her wrists and ankles and help her clean up. She stretched her arms and legs out and then immediately reached out her arms, asking for a hug. The dom happily obliged, hugging his little one quickly but then he got up and laid in the bed properly. She immediately sit on his lap and mumbled „koala hugs, daddy?“ Using her best puppy eyes.
„Of course baby, anything you want. Come here,“ the dom says and sits up, wrapping his arms around her waist.
„Are you okay, doll? How are you feeling? Tell me,“ he mumbles into he ear.
„I am awesome, daddy. Thank you. And you were awesome too,“ she says and squeezes him even tighter.
„You were awesome, little one. My good girl, taking it all so well. I’m proud of you,“ he praises her, making sure she knows she did good.
„Thank you, daddy,“ she mumbles and lays her head on his shoulder, „’M sleepy, daddy. Can we take a nap?“
„Of course we can,“ the dom says as he lays down with his little one still holding onto him. She moves to his side, laying her head on he is chest and snuggling up to his side. He wraps his arm around her, holding her in his safe embrace, allowing her to fall asleep feeling satisfied, safe and happy with her daddy holding her close.
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