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Release the Beast


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She knew this demonic beast not at all, other than only as a phantom haunting her in her dreams. Now with her legs in the air, he spread them apart. His eyes were colorless and fixated on her cunt as he grinned evilly with sinister delight and watched her cunt lips fighting to remain closed, sticking together, but eventually giving way to the pressure of her ever-widening legs. She opened for him. His long tongue curled out. It dripped a single burning drop on her clit. It sufficed. Heat throbbing with her pulse in a double time tattoo, bloated her clit to the extent of feeling as if the helmeted head of it was overstuffed and about to burst like a blister, now instantly enormously swollen, long, thick and hard, of a size it had never achieved in her past, and burning. Searing, penetrating heat. Her sex was flowing freely now, wetter than it has ever been. He moved forward, his hands guiding his cock toward her wetness. He teased her, like the thought of her teased him so many times before. He rubbed his cock head against and around her cunt lips, probing, thrusting and bumping her hugely engorged clit. The pre-cum from his exploring cock now spread over every bit of her cunt's lips as he was dragging it through them but remaining outside of her. Her previously lurking, smoldering desire was full aflame, and he knew this. He thrust himself into her as she screamed while he rammed forward, her hot cunt convulsively tightening on him more so than she thought possible as his ridged and rigidly steely girth split her open. He raged violently in his ravagement of her, the weight of him on top of her, pinning her motionless as his hard power strokes drove his cock into her as if to go straight through her. She growled as her ravagement continued. Absorbing his pounding into her core, unrelenting, rocking her body and soul.

Her legs having nowhere else to go rested on his shoulders as he fucked her. His cock entering and exiting. His balls slapping at her anus. His eyes fully fixed on her face as he inseminated her. As much as her cunt invited him deeper, her lovely face infuriated him. Her beautiful face had taunted his visions.

He pulled his thickly veined cock out from within her and moved forward. Her legs dropped off of his shoulders and were split by his advancing body. His hands grasped at her hair as his rage closed them on her curls and he pulled her head forward against his cock. The head of his cock was in front of her eyes, the heat of his cock spreading onto her face. She felt his grip on her hair partially give way. His free hand intruded between her face and his body, grabbing his cock, guiding it downward until the head was pressed to her lips. His hot sperm on her burning lips. Dribbles. Burning dribbles seeking entry.

She looked up at him with begging eyes. His cock pressed forward and she opened for him a second time. To deny him would've meant denying herself. His cock head lingered momentarily, acidic between her lips. His rage then drove it forward. Their eyes locked. Their worlds locked. He fucked her pretty mouth. As he watched her lips striving to swallow the whole long length and thickness of him, he ***d them to achieve their effort and fucked her throat as he impaled her like she was no more than a hole he was using.

Then he inhaled the deviant passion that emanated from her. He inhaled the fire scorching her cunt. He inhaled the beckoning desire concentrated in her *** swollen nipples. Nipples expanded by the fiery passion he pumped into her until their nubby flesh nearly split open in their engorged immensity. As his rage expelled the demons from him with his possession of her and his embryonic insertion of himself, he saw her tongue emerge for an all too brief second before her lips again enclosed his cock. He pulled his cock slowly from her mouth, his sperm mostly remaining behind. Her tongue emerged again, longer, thinner now, slurping, retrieving his sperm, the errant demon seed from her lips, chin, cheeks and curling it into her mouth.

He got off of the bed as she sank back on the mattress. He watched and inhaled her. Her tits still heaving, her eyes looking into the top of her skull from the inside, her clit standing firmly out away from it's hood now permanently, and perpetually engorged and long, as her nipples would also remain. He would be with her, in her, always now.

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